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the thrice and alkaline trio show at red 7 in austin texas

Due to the siren vocals of Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath getting strained, the band had to cancel their Austin and Houston dates on their tour to promote their new album Appeal To Reason. Interscope’s melodic hardcore puppets were unable to stop their tourmates (The Gaslight Anthem, Thrice, and Alkaline Trio) from giving their Austin fans […]

the proud owner of a playstation 3

A package arrived for me yesterday, but I was not available to sign for it. I received it today, and this was what was in the box…

Let the
Blu-ray watching,
PS3 [email protected],
and occasional gaming begin.

the plants and their planters

Even though plants flourish best outdoors where the sun is plentiful and the air is free, growing plant life indoors is beneficial for health and well-being. Renters should not let their lack of owning their own land keep them from bringing plants to life with water, soil, sun, and time.
Depending on how big the owner […]

the coupon codes that will save the economy

Spend. This is what the typical American likes to do when they do and don’t have the money to do so. Shop wisely. This is what the typical American does when they make purchases for themselves or others. This leads to getting more for less as they say.
The American economy is acting haywire, but this […]

the holiday gift ideas invade

From the point of view of a visitor from another planet sharing its findings to its species:
When a new American human is brought into the world, the infant is usually showered in a variety of gifts and beneficial materials that will bring joy and happiness in its upbringing. Many types of inventions are designed for […]

the cron job test

I’m testing out a cron job. If this shows up, then it’s working
correctly. Rejoice!

the sunset


Sunset was ill since the beginning of this past summer and finally called it quits today on the coldest day of the month so far.
Sitting at the bottom of the bowl except to grab a pellet or take a breath, half-crippled and depressed with a puffy eye near the end, Sunset maintained a strong will […]