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the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

I’ve had the same day job for over two years. Up until last November, I worked from 3pm to 11pm, the perfect shift for a night owl. During my two-week job transition, I was actually working a second job a couple days a week from midnight to 4. I was going to school as well, so I was busy.

After having proved myself as one of the real workers, I moved into a different role for the company and had my schedule changed to 12pm to 8pm, an even sweeter schedule because a night owl gets to enjoy the entire night.

Recently, I’ve moved up another notch into a manager role. My schedule has changed again to 10am to 6pm, not the sweetest schedule for a night owl and way too similar to the hypnotic 9 to 5.

Since earlier this year, I was having to do the 9 to 5 on Thursdays for a conference call with a business partner. The idea is to have personality and enjoy the sound of each other’s human voices… or at least that’s how I translate it. I don’t like the idea, because most of the communication is being done the way you are soaking this into your head right now… yeah, that’s right, thru writing, in this case, communication via email.

I also think the idea relates to the dependency we have for each other, but that is how business partners work. I’m still doing this Thursday 9 to 5 routine, and I loathe it every Wednesday night, but I actually pulled together tonight to write this for you ’cause you love every word.

I haven’t been writing serious compositions lately in this sanctuary. Is it much of a sanctuary? Well, it’s been a decent sanctuary for two years and counting. It’s October. It’s Fall. It’s Autumn. My brain’s brewing again. The air is getting crisper.

Post Challenge anyone? A post a day? Will this guy be able to keep up with everything on his mind and everything he owes everyone with compassion? You tell me. Maybe this month will be exciting enough. Peace out.