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Poverty is part of reality. Poverty is political. Poverty is natural. An overcrowded society is doomed to having poverty exist within their communities because resources are inadequate.

Poverty is caused by separation and limitation. Poverty will always exist as long as human nature reigns. The powerful and the privileged will stay full and make contributions to charity to help others but will the upper echelon ever be impoverished in their lifetime? Poverty is the default setting of the lower class. This is poverty in America.

Poverty is how some communities live. They continue. They do not die off. They have just enough to get by, but don’t get by at the same time. Poverty is diseased, ignorant, and negative. Poverty is what defines the poor and the unfortunate. This is poverty around the world.

I am not a political person. I do not do research on poverty, but I volunteered to write this to contribute to one of the most powerful forces on the internet: the free voice, a collaboration that becomes a superorganism expressing thoughts, opinions, facts, rumors, stores and assorted information that drives what communities will bring up in their everyday conversations that maybe this data will pass through the right ears and create movement that results in change.

Consider this a creative piece more than anything. The smarter, snobbier kids are doing all the important typing that they think is making a difference.

I’m a middle class citizen that earns an honest living and likes it like that. I’m not the truly condescending type nor do I grant myself any sort of authority over an important subject like poverty.

I’m leaving it to the ones that really care and need to fill their void with the drive to go up against a force that they cannot end alone. Peace out.

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