the double-double permanently alters your soul

This four-day weekend was much needed.

Yesterday went well. Thanksgiving dinner was a success. The turkey that Mary carefully basted throughout its cooking time turned out excellent. We had way more food than the stomachs could hold, but everyone enjoyed the meal.

On Friday, I was sort of lazy but did some productive things here and there throughout the day. It was wonderful not being at work. Work has been eating me alive lately, but I try my best not to think about it.

I am ever so grateful that this weekend has two more days left for me to unwind and not worry so much about how short it is and how the next work day is around the corner.

At the end of the year, I will be taking some extra days off along with the days off we get for the holiday season. I will be spending the Christmas holiday with Mary’s family in North Carolina. I’m glad that I will be away from Austin for a little bit, because as far as I can recall, I did not leave town at all this year. How pathetic is that. Last year, I visited Corpus Christi. I went to San Antonio to watch the Alkaline Trio play at the White Rabbit. I attended four weddings and a funeral: one wedding was in New York, one was in Oklahoma, and one was in California.

This year was full of how work took over my life. They moved me up the ladder, and I found myself being given so much responsibility that the thought of relieving my mind of any of it for more than a weekend was absurd. So that’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t have any real vacations this year.

They depend on me too much where I work. It’s annoying. I contemplate all the time about what it would take to free me from being chained to that company, and it will be more difficulty than any previous employment I’ve had. I want to move on, but they’ve strategically placed me in a situation where I’m stuck for the time being.

So with that said, I will enjoy the rest of this splendid weekend. I’ll have to virtually stop in at the office a couple more times for a few hours before Monday arrives, but that’s OK with me because it keeps the pile of work from growing out of control. Peace out.

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the big two five slash quarter century


Yesterday night, Neil had a fun get-together at his place. The grilled burgers with sautéed onions were delicious. The drinks were good, and the company was great.

Today is his birthday, and Mom is cooking a big dinner to look forward to enjoying tonight with loved ones. Weekends are way too short. Fortunately, the holidays are around the corner and quality time will be able to be spent with family.

the prodibase max

WP tells me this is the 1000th time the post-writing skeleton has been set up. A while has gone by, my friends.

[from a sticky note that has been sitting on my desk since its date, February 10th.]

2:37a 2/10/8
the prodibase max
250w video recording device from the
’70s that recorded onto hot dogs

From Tim Lindenschmidt’s World’s Longest Hot Dog | source: Wikipedia

I was up late one night, and Mare had fallen asleep but briefly woke up long enough to tell me about the prodibase max, a 250-watt video recording device from the ’70s that recorded onto hot dogs. 😀

the screaming in my head

My day job has consumed me. I’m out of bed at 9am (8am tomorrow) to attend the office at 10am. Between 6-7pm, I leave the office and try to not think about work. This begins on a Monday and does not end until Friday.

As I pull through the eight grueling hours of being in a production environment, a couple voices are constantly going off in my head. One is the sharp guy that can speak through his mouth and click&type with his hands. This is the guy that got me in this vortex.

The other guy was always around, but he was usually quiet. My work life was relatively easy and mundane. My duties could be done with the least effort as long as everything was in place for the most part. He started screaming today. He can scream in such long intervals that it starts to sound like white noise to me. When it seems like he has stopped, he starts right back up again.

To answer if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise, yes.

These weeks are rough. I can’t write these all the time ’cause all this typing and clicking here and at work is going to permanently damaged my wrists. When those cybernetic parts become too advanced to pass up, I’m in.

PBS had this segment on humans being able to control machines with their minds through an electrode-type implant in the cortex. It seems odd at first, but it’s no different as you reading and translating these characters and taking a split-second more notice at the period at the end of this sentence. 282… I’ll take it.

NaNoWriMo is in progress, but I’m not participating. My creative juicebox is drier than a desert, and my day job has consumed. (Yeah, that’s how he opened this post.)

Goodnight. Wish me luck. Peace out.

the presidential election coverage 2008

In less than a day, a new President of the United States of America will be elected. Unfortunately, this message from Modern Soapbox will not contain political views or opinions. The knowledge base in our political category is limited, so the editorials and essays will be left to the experts and analysts who either do this for a living or think about it way too much. Peace out.