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the double-double permanently alters your soul

This four-day weekend was much needed.
Yesterday went well. Thanksgiving dinner was a success. The turkey that Mary carefully basted throughout its cooking time turned out excellent. We had way more food than the stomachs could hold, but everyone enjoyed the meal.
On Friday, I was sort of lazy but did some productive things here and there […]

the home improvement solutions

Homeowners can rejoice when they seek the internet for answers in improving the look of their homes. The details of the interior design provide individuality and attraction in everything around a home. The look may be simple but small added touches complete the appearance of thought and inspiration.

From decorative hardware to crown molding, one destination […]

the big two five slash quarter century

Yesterday night, Neil had a fun get-together at his place. The grilled burgers with sautéed onions were delicious. The drinks were good, and the company was great.
Today is his birthday, and Mom is cooking a big dinner to look forward to enjoying tonight with loved ones. Weekends are way too short. Fortunately, the […]

the organized

…suffer in a disorganized world.

the prodibase max

WP tells me this is the 1000th time the post-writing skeleton has been set up. A while has gone by, my friends.
[from a sticky note that has been sitting on my desk since its date, February 10th.]
2:37a 2/10/8
the prodibase max
250w video recording device from the
’70s that recorded onto hot dogs

From Tim Lindenschmidt’s World’s Longest Hot […]

the screaming in my head

My day job has consumed me. I’m out of bed at 9am (8am tomorrow) to attend the office at 10am. Between 6-7pm, I leave the office and try to not think about work. This begins on a Monday and does not end until Friday.
As I pull through the eight grueling hours of being in a […]

the presidential election coverage 2008

In less than a day, a new President of the United States of America will be elected. Unfortunately, this message from Modern Soapbox will not contain political views or opinions. The knowledge base in our political category is limited, so the editorials and essays will be left to the experts and analysts who either do […]