the decrescendo

The days have been numb, and my holiday spirit been mostly non-existent. When your job is to manage multiple projects simultaneously, it can be overwhelming. When more projects are  added to the pile, then it turns into a nightmare. When the allotted time to rest is consumed, I hang on the edge of the dreamworld begging to stay.

What’s going on at work is relatively under control right now, but it will go out of control again any day now. My vacation is so close, but the road to the beginning is filled with potholes.

I’ve contemplated quitting my job more times than ever in this past month’s worth of days. The workload may become too much to handle, and we do not enough competent and organized enough employees to make this any easier.

The beginning of this upcoming July will mark my third year of working for the same company. Depending on my mindset in the next three to six months, I may see myself polishing up my résumé or stuck in my wormhole of a job for much longer than I had planned.

The weekend is taking way too long to arrive. I’m glad work tomorrow will be the most laid back day in weeks. We have our holiday party in the evening which I am attending more as an obligation than anything.

TGIF. Peace out.

Author: Sig

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