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the alkaline trio myspace transmissions

On January 23rd, Alkaline Trio posted a MySpace bulletin about an acoustic set that they recorded for MySpace Transmissions. The recording is currently free to download and stream from the the MySpace Transmissions site. They played a couple tracks from their latest album, Agony and Irony, and one tune from Good Mourning. The fourth song […]

the december


December and the large mollusc shell that kept him company were moved a few months ago from his big bowl to a hurricane vase similar to the bowls that most of the other bettas stay in to make maintenance easier.
He made it a month more after we first brought him home from Wally World two […]

the way to make a house into a home

In order to make a house into a home, the basic elements are necessary. Furniture, decor, and large and small appliances all come to mind when outfitting a house to bring life to the indoors.

What’s a kitchen without a coffee maker? Coffee is the second most traded commodity behind oil. Nearly half of all Americans […]

the safety and security

One of the most important factors in owning a home is the safety and security of the loved ones living in the house and knowing that the valuables inside are protected. One of the most trusted solutions for home owners are ADT home security systems.

ADT is known for their 24-hour monitored security. When their alarm […]

the necessary reboot

Howdy. I hope you had an excellent New Year’s celebration. A few weeks have passed, since I’ve updated this. One of my resolutions that I plan to stand by is to write more in this than the past nine months if the variables are right. This post will be a big update, so I hope […]