the wireless router from another dimension (linksys wrt110)

When the world went wireless, phones lost their cords and coffee shops became populated with notebook computers. The wireless router allows users to experience the freedom of roaming around their homes without having to plug into a wall or drag an ethernet cable around which can cause them to trip and injure themselves. Couch potatoes can enjoy the company of the interweb while they watch their favorite television programs.

Wireless routers have ports for wired connections for the enthusiasts that are skeptical about wireless signals. I will say that the signals are much more prone to drop if they are not hardwired, but the quality of the router reflects the quality of signal regardless of how the connection is made.

Here is the Linksys RangePlus WRT110 wireless router. You can find it on sale at for ten bucks less than their featured merchants. Free shipping is also included to make you need it even more. I’d expect to pay a hundred bucks for one of these, but the total price is much much less than you’d expect. Remember to act quick, because their deals are constantly refreshed and the good stuff sells out.

Look at this fine piece of equipment. The sleek design makes it irresistible, and don’t forget about the choice components that powers this puppy. Cisco, the industry leader and trendsetter of everything related to computer networking, said, “Linksys is doing a decent job manufacturing routers. Let’s team up with them so they can sport our logo on their toys, and we can be an unstoppable force in the computer networking industry.”

SAT-style Analogy:
Your old router : Daewoo Lanos :: Linksys WRT110 : Acura TL

As you can clearly see, this is the type of router that the smart buyer would invest in to replace that boxy old router with them two pointy thangs stickin’ out of it. It’s time to upgrade your network and surf at speeds like the rest of the cool people. The signals that this device emits need some love and so do the airwaves in your home. Don’t find yourself still using old networking hardware and get a cleaner, more precise signal with one of these.

the employment hiatus finally ends

Last week, I paused my job hunt. At the end of the previous week, I had a follow-up interview that sounded very promising so I decided to wait it out to see if they would call me back with an offer the following week.

Day after day, I found myself sleeping ’til 11 to wake up and enjoy my last days as a free agent. I enjoyed some Jeopardy! HD, Wheel of Fortune, and weekly evening programming (Heroes, Bones, Hell’s Kitchen) but awaited the call in the back of mind all the time.

I made it most of the way through Half-Life 2 which is one of the best games I’ve played in the past ten years. That isn’t saying much since I don’t play too many games. I also won a couple PS3 games on eBay to occupy my free time: Sonic Unleashed and LittleBigPlanet. Sonic has arrived, but I’m still waiting on LBP.

I finally got a library card to reap another benefit of being a citizen in this wonderful city. I meant to get one last year, but I was eaten alive by the day job machine. To be able to borrow books, CDs, and DVDs at no monetary cost is a bonus. I see my ISO collection growing faster with this privilege.

I still desire a terabyte upgrade to my massive storage machine, Diode. I’m sure I’ll be getting the upgrade once I sit down and do my taxes and Direct Deposit does it magic to my bank account.

Each day became more gloomy when I didn’t receive the call, and it was already dinnertime. I told myself that the processing and paperwork had to be done, so I remained patient. If I didn’t hear back from the company by the following Tuesday, then I was going to send them an email inquiring the status of my application.

Friday arrived. The whole week went by with me consumed with Half-Life 2, Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, feeding the fish twice a day, tapping at the keyboard, and keeping up with the rest of my TV shows but absolutely no job seeking. Around 4PM, my phone rang. I told myself, “Please please please let it be them.” It was. HR was calling me to see if I was still interested in the position I applied for. Of course I was.

I zipped over to their office to fill out my share of the paperwork to finalize my hiring, and I would start Monday. Tonight is the last night of my much-needed vacation/hiatus from the working world. I’m ready to return. I am proud to say that although my funds depleted a bit during that time, I did not find myself in a crazy debt or behind on bills due to being unemployed.

The saying goes that the best time to find a job is when you have a job. I said screw that, because I was unhappy with the place I was working for and the unneeded stress it gave me. I say the best time to find a job is when you have at least a few months saved up to take care of all of your expenses and you’re ready to turn in your two weeks notice.

Even with the media phrasing their words to put scare tactics about the state of the economy with news about almost five million people filing for unemployment checks, companies downsizing or folding causing layoffs, Austin’s unemployment rate at 5% (That’s 1 out of 20 people in this city!), and the economic stimulus going into effect now. The list of fear goes on and on, but I had the gut feeling that I wouldn’t have to worry too much with my skill set and drive to succeed.

I feel that most of you had faith in me while I was unemployed that I would find another job. I felt the same. I admit that I did have a little worry in me, but that was mostly a result of watching too much evening news. To hear what how this country is doing economically will sadden anyone, but it’s the harsh truth.

During my job search, I had an offer I declined and received a decent amount of rejection while I looked for a job, but I eventually landed one that I’d like to stick with. The unfortunate circumstance is that the job is labeled temporary, but we’ll have to see how that works out. My last day job started as a contract job, and I found myself sticking around past that for a total of two and a half years.

The hours I’ll be working at this new job are going to be a little weird, but I’m sure that I’ll adjust relatively quick. My bedtime is here, and I’ll have to get up during the wee hours to make it to the office by 5AM. The glorious part is that I’ll be done with my work day at 1PM, so I’ll still be able to do the things I did during my hiatus like watch Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, play some PS3 while the sun is out, and make it to stores while they’re still open.

I figured that I’d take a nap around 2PM for a couple hours after work to make it into the evening and be able to stay up ’til 10 or 11 to catch the rest of my sleep and be able to wake up refreshed for the next day of work. I love and need my sleep, but I’m back in the game. I can do this. I’m employed again! I’ll keep you updated as usual. Peace out. 🙂

the keyboard replacement success

The last place we left off on replacing the keyboard on my ECS 536 notebook was waiting on the delivery of the replacement almost two weeks ago.

On the 12th, the keyboard arrived. The time arrived to do the necessary to my three-year-old notebook that has sentimental value to me hence why I’m keeping it around.

Let’s start off with the “before” pictures and some captions:

Notice the missing Ctrl keys on the left and right. It was a bad idea to want to switch them, since it wouldn’t have done next to nothing and resulted in needing replacement.

On the lower left corner of this picture, you can see that the location of the left Ctrl key was rendered completely useless since both the key and the rubber piece that closes the circuit are completely missing. You can also see that many of the labels have deteriorated over time with extended use.

Here’s a picture of the other side of the keyboard to highlight more faded labels. The right Ctrl key still has the rubber piece intact, but the key is also missing. These keys must have been pressed thousands of time if not more causing the labels to eventually wear.

Now for some moving pictures for your viewing pleasure. This footage was shot on Thursday night and highlights the simple procedure in replacing a notebook keyboard.

Basically, some screws were removed, a couple plates were removed, the keyboard was detached from the motherboard, the new keyboard was attached, and the screws and plates were put back into their proper places.

Here’s a picture of the new keyboard looking fresh. No greasy-looking wear from extended use and the Ctrl keys have returned.

As long as the rest of the hardware keeps truckin’, this notebook will probably have at least a few more years of constant use. By that time, I will invest in a new notebook to catch up to current technology or the worn-out hardware will be replaced. The decision depends on if this upgraded ECS 536 will still be able to run the applications I use on a regular basis at that time and if I can still find parts for it. The current configuration will run Windows 7, so I’ll be looking forward to upgrading the operating system in early 2010.

the sunday night shenanigans

A couple weeks ago, the Plain Rockers decided to have some fun in a private parking lot. I’ll keep this post short to let you enjoy the video.

They overstayed their (un)welcome by a few minutes when the county pigs came rolling in to give the boys a bad time. Fortunately, this footage was shot to capture the memories before the mishap.

the kingston 8gb datatraveler deal

Finding the best prices on computer accessories can easily turn into an online scavenger hunt. Knowing where to find something on sale may not always be apparent. The worst surprise is when you make the purchase and find out that the price dropped even more only a week later.

Portable storage is necessary in the mobile world today. Fast data transfer and a compact method of transportation is desired when information has to be physically moved from one place to another as quickly as possible. Flash drives are the best solutions when storing data in a small object that can easily be taken on the go.

The Kingston DataTraveler series of USB flash drives is one of my personal picks for pocket-sized storage. Only about nine months ago, I wrote about the 4GB version being available for under twenty bucks. At the time, I thought it was an awesome deal.

Right now, the Kingston 8GB DataTraveler is available for a penny less than 17 bucks. sweetens the deal even more with free shipping. I really believe in these flash drives for everyday use. My fastest [email protected] machine, c0rey, stores everything on a 4GB DataTraveler, and I have yet to have any major problems with the storage device. The operating system even runs off the flash drive!

Whether you plan on using a USB 2.0 flash drive for storing some of your most important files in a safe backup location, copying videos for friends to check out, or running the latest version of Ubuntu, owning one of these devices is a must. Don’t miss out on this deal. is known for selling out of their sale items due to their amazing prices and free shipping.

the green hangout

Since asphalt drew the pathways across this country and the automobile became a necessity for the average Joe, the world has been concerned about pollution that has been on the rise. Being conscious about preserving the environment should be a concern for everyone in order to maintain the existence of humanity on this planet.

The “green movement” is in the spotlight these days to bring more awareness to conserve the environment. Anyone can help by reading up on going green tips and doing anything that will contribute to reducing the damage to our planet. Simple ideas like using public transportation and recycling can make a difference.

the LCD TV

The high-definition revolution is in full swing, and the time has arrived for electronic fanatics to upgrade their equipment to take advantage of everything HD has to offer. To begin, owning an LCD TV is a must. Viewing pleasure is enhanced at 1080p with a crisp picture that will make blinking more difficult. If you’re in the market to upgrade your home entertainment system, then don’t hesitate to start browsing for the best picture quality on the market.