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the wireless router from another dimension (linksys wrt110)

When the world went wireless, phones lost their cords and coffee shops became populated with notebook computers. The wireless router allows users to experience the freedom of roaming around their homes without having to plug into a wall or drag an ethernet cable around which can cause them to trip and injure themselves. Couch potatoes […]

the employment hiatus finally ends

Last week, I paused my job hunt. At the end of the previous week, I had a follow-up interview that sounded very promising so I decided to wait it out to see if they would call me back with an offer the following week.
Day after day, I found myself sleeping ’til 11 to wake up […]

the keyboard replacement success

The last place we left off on replacing the keyboard on my ECS 536 notebook was waiting on the delivery of the replacement almost two weeks ago.
On the 12th, the keyboard arrived. The time arrived to do the necessary to my three-year-old notebook that has sentimental value to me hence why I’m keeping it […]

the sunday night shenanigans

A couple weeks ago, the Plain Rockers decided to have some fun in a private parking lot. I’ll keep this post short to let you enjoy the video.

They overstayed their (un)welcome by a few minutes when the county pigs came rolling in to give the boys a bad time. Fortunately, this footage was shot to […]

the kingston 8gb datatraveler deal

Finding the best prices on computer accessories can easily turn into an online scavenger hunt. Knowing where to find something on sale may not always be apparent. The worst surprise is when you make the purchase and find out that the price dropped even more only a week later.
Portable storage is necessary in the mobile […]

the green hangout

Since asphalt drew the pathways across this country and the automobile became a necessity for the average Joe, the world has been concerned about pollution that has been on the rise. Being conscious about preserving the environment should be a concern for everyone in order to maintain the existence of humanity on this planet.
The “green […]

the LCD TV

The high-definition revolution is in full swing, and the time has arrived for electronic fanatics to upgrade their equipment to take advantage of everything HD has to offer. To begin, owning an LCD TV is a must. Viewing pleasure is enhanced at 1080p with a crisp picture that will make blinking more difficult. If you’re […]