the mother of hybrid cars

When people discuss hybrid cars, what’s one of the first models that comes up? Yes, the Toyota Prius. This hybrid car has been popular since it first worldwide introduction in 2001. They’re known for being the most fuel efficient vehicle in the U.S., and American owners benefit with a tax break from the government.

Sporting a 2008 Toyota Prius tells fellow drivers that you’re doing your part to save the earth. In cities where everything is spread far apart, it may be difficult to commute or ride a bike to work. Having one of the smallest carbon footprints amongst cars while maintaining the ability to transport up to five passengers makes the Prius Hybrid the perfect candidate for an eco-friendly vehicle.

Along with Honda, Toyota has a reputation for designing dependable vehicles. Considering that gas prices went berserk this past summer and probably will again this summer, hybrid technology is necessary for both the wallet and the environment.