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the job hunt continues

Today marks the fourth week since I left the corporate hell where I dedicated two and a half years of my work life. Fortunately, it seems that the vacation is coming to an end because the job offers are finally coming together.

Last Friday, I interviewed with a coffeeshop for a barista job. As soon as I returned home from the interview, I dug a little deeper about this company that I had a good chance of getting employed by. As it turns out, the owner is a mean guy (see: jerk). When customers take the effort to comment about his bad attitude on popular review sites, then it’s apparent that he would not be an ideal person to work for.

The owner got back to me yesterday, but I’m not going to take the job. He wanted me to come in today when I had another interview to attend, so I asked to reschedule but haven’t heard back yet. Even if I do, I’ll be declining this minimum wage plus tips job. It’s out of my scope, I applied based on a desperate feeling, and I’m passed this type of employment as far as I’m concerned. The media has a way of scaring the unemployed when they discuss the state of the economy.

I took my third data entry assessment test today and did well once again. This one was followed by a short interview that lead to the result that I was overqualified for the position I was applying for based on previous work experience. The office manager said that I’d have to attend a second interview with a different manager later this week. My fingers are crossed.

Tomorrow morning at eight in the morning will be the end of my four-week vacation. I’ve taken up a temporary delivery driver position to help out during the Valentine’s Day holiday. I got this very short-term job a couple weeks ago, and the time has arrived to deliver overpriced arrangements from one loved person to another. Without this corporate holiday, I wouldn’t be doing this so I’m thankful. Other than that, this holiday is overrated and passes in the blink of an eye.

The job hunt continues. I have not solidified my day job yet, but I’m feeling good about this place I interviewed with today. I also took an assessment test yesterday and waiting to hear back from that company. I also have a couple handfuls of applications and résumés floating around, so something should find me soon. If a couple more weeks go by and I’m still empty-handed, then I’ll push the panic button and shift the job hunt into high gear. Peace out.

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