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the next day follow-up to the job hunt continues

I rose out of bed about 6:40 this morning. I ate some bread, drank some water, showered, dressed, left the apartment about 7:15, and drove to the place I told I would deliver for during the Valentine’s Day holiday rush.

At 8:00, the ten of us that showed up filled out some information, had a brief training session, and each took a delivery. The volume today was much lower than anticipated, but tomorrow through Saturday will be much busier.

I took a delivery way west of the store’s location. It took me a while, but I don’t think they really care unless you’re taking way too long. They clocked me out at 9:40, and I was done for the day. That was almost nothing for a return to the work life. I’m sure tomorrow and the next couple days will be different.

Tomorrow, I can only deliver until 2-2:30 in the afternoon. The company I interviewed with on Tuesday wants me to interview with a different manager at 3:00 for a different position that would better suit me based on my skills and previous work experience. I’m really looking forward to it. I really hope they hire me, because the nature of the business is very similar to what I was doing at my previous day job and I’d fit well with this company.

I’d say coming in for a second interview with a company is a good sign that they’d want to hire me, but I can’t count the chickens before they hatch. I’ll update you again tomorrow to let you know how it went. Peace out.

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