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the premiere of watchmen at alamo

Along with the twelfth issue of Young Liars, I picked up four ticket vouchers to a private midnight screening of Watchmen at midnight on March 6th organized by one of my favorite comic shops in town, Capstone Comics. I’m looking forward to this movie, because the graphic novel is excellent.

I also look forward to being in a theater filled with dedicated comic fans for this 163-minute film and enjoying a late night meal and a beer or two with Neil, Mare, and K$ at the most brilliant movie theater concept on the planet: Alamo Drafthouse. (Real) food, beer, and movies were always meant to be together. They say that theaters make almost nothing off ticket sales and rely on their concession to keep them in business. Alamo has no problem with that.

Nevertheless, this movie should be a good watch in the theater. I’m picky with which movies I spend ticket prices on, and I usually wait until the DVD is released to completely enjoy films in the privacy of my home. When the time arrives, I see myself saying how much I liked seeing Watchmen. Tune in after March 6th for that. Peace out.

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