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the best budgeting tool

For those with bad credit or without a bank account seeking a safe and secure solution to carrying cash can turn to the AchieveCard. This reloadable, Prepaid Debit Card gives anyone an easier way of handling their cash. The AchieveCard works anywhere that accepts MasterCard and can be used in more ways than just a debit card.

Direct Deposit is available to AchieveCard users. Instead of using the time to cash or deposit your check, the funds can quickly be added to this Prepaid Mastercard. Cardholders can also use it to pay bills online which will save money on stamps and fees associated with paying bills at the grocery store.

This reloadable debit card can be used for shopping at all locations that take MasterCard including places online. A PIN accompanies every AchieveCard, so it can be used to pull cash at all ATMs and paying with debit at gas stations, grocery stores, and anywhere else that takes debit as a method of payment.

AchieveCard has a user-friendly site where cardholders can check their balance and view their past transactions. The site is also very informative for anyone interested in using this invaluable budgeting tool.

In the event that someone attempts to spend more than what is available on their AchieveCard, their transaction is declined. This helps the person know that they don’t have the money to spend and should watch their finances much closer.

Adding money to the account is very easy. Purchasing a Green Dot Money Pak available at places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy is one way to add funds to the AchieveCard. As mentioned previously, all or part of a  hard-earned paycheck can be added to reload the debit card.

A flexible, secure way to store and use money is available with AchieveCard. If you have found yourself in financial burdens because of bad credit, the lack of a bank account, or misjudging your spending, then using this Prepaid Credit Card can be the best way to budget your earnings.