the stuff network

Social networks are one of the most visited types of Web 2.0 sites, and new ones are surfacing all the time. They all try to have their own unique features to set themselves apart from the rest, but none have accomplished this well enough to stay afloat until Acobay launched their beta site.

Acobay is an online community brought together by sharing their stuff that they buy or use everyday. Whether it’s the phone in their pocket, the car they drive, the movies they watch, the books they read, or the music they like, this social network shares information, reviews, and comments on the stuff that interests them the most.

If you want to know what to buy, where to eat, what’s hot right now, what’s getting hot, or how real people rate their stuff, then Acobay is the social network that needs you as a member. Acobay can be one of the hottest social sites this year, but they need people like you to act as the authority of your interests and let everyone else in the stuff network what owns.