the wireless router from another dimension (linksys wrt110)

When the world went wireless, phones lost their cords and coffee shops became populated with notebook computers. The wireless router allows users to experience the freedom of roaming around their homes without having to plug into a wall or drag an ethernet cable around which can cause them to trip and injure themselves. Couch potatoes can enjoy the company of the interweb while they watch their favorite television programs.

Wireless routers have ports for wired connections for the enthusiasts that are skeptical about wireless signals. I will say that the signals are much more prone to drop if they are not hardwired, but the quality of the router reflects the quality of signal regardless of how the connection is made.

Here is the Linksys RangePlus WRT110 wireless router. You can find it on sale at for ten bucks less than their featured merchants. Free shipping is also included to make you need it even more. I’d expect to pay a hundred bucks for one of these, but the total price is much much less than you’d expect. Remember to act quick, because their deals are constantly refreshed and the good stuff sells out.

Look at this fine piece of equipment. The sleek design makes it irresistible, and don’t forget about the choice components that powers this puppy. Cisco, the industry leader and trendsetter of everything related to computer networking, said, “Linksys is doing a decent job manufacturing routers. Let’s team up with them so they can sport our logo on their toys, and we can be an unstoppable force in the computer networking industry.”

SAT-style Analogy:
Your old router : Daewoo Lanos :: Linksys WRT110 : Acura TL

As you can clearly see, this is the type of router that the smart buyer would invest in to replace that boxy old router with them two pointy thangs stickin’ out of it. It’s time to upgrade your network and surf at speeds like the rest of the cool people. The signals that this device emits need some love and so do the airwaves in your home. Don’t find yourself still using old networking hardware and get a cleaner, more precise signal with one of these.

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