the asus eee pc netbook for under $200

One of the hottest electronic devices on the market right now is the Asus Eee PC netbook. This subnotebook is one of the most mobile computers on the market, and their popularity is constantly rising.

For an ultraportable Asus Eee PC 900 you can get them these days for around $300. currently has a Sale on the factory refurbished version with a Celeron 900MHz, 512MB RAM, a 4GB solid state drive, and a Linux OS  for only $179.99 with free shipping in both galaxy black and white.

The Asus Eee PC design makes it rugged when it is currently being toted around. The solid state drive provides storage that has no moving parts which prevents the data from being compromised if the device is dropped. This computer is small enough to fit in bags and purses. The keyboard is not the best for big hands and would take most users to adjust but it works fine. Three USB 2.0 ports allow USB devices to connect to the computer. It has both wireless networking capability and an ethernet port.

Due to the limited amount of disk storage on the Eee PC, it’s a machine that depends on the internet cloud (with services like Flickr and Google Docs) as an extended storage device to accompany its expansion card slots. The Linux version has OpenOffice for writing documents, managing spreadsheets, and everything else Microsoft Office does. It has an internet browser and an email client. Linux is a very stable operating system, free to everyone, and easy to use.

For the price and the compact design, this is the ideal device for anyone who needs to have a terminal with them to wire into the internet to surf the web, download, and write email while they’re out and about. It’s a basic setup, but it’s all you really need to cruise the information superhighway.

the thundercloud subs radio jingle

Fellow Austinites who tune into 101X have probably heard the annoying jingle that Thundercloud Subs is currently playing. I would have to say that it is currently tied with the Reid’s Cleaners jingle that is currently playing on television but loses severely to the local Gatti’s commercial (“Dial 4 5 9 22 22 and get a Mr. Gatti’s pizza delivered…real cheese… real h0tt…”). Thundercloud’s previous jingle was mostly tolerable at least.

Thundercloud Subs
2009 Radio Jingle

Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-03-27 at 0748 with a Mambo Clamp.

_____________~* BONUS *~_____________

For those of you who have never heard this and have been told to listen but may lack Flash support on your browser (or just want your own copy) can click the MP3 icon to download it to your computer.


_____________~* DOUBLE BONUS *~_____________

Thundercloud Subs Radio Jingle lyrics

When I’m really hungry and I want something good,

I go to the Thundercloud in my neighborhood.

The sandwich makers are friends of mine ’cause I’m in there all the time.

When my stomach starts to grumble, you can bet I happily stumble into Thundercloud Subs!

For a hometown vibe with delicious grub…

Thundercloud Subs!

It’s a tasty place that everybody loves.

Armadillo lady on a date with a stallion,

She’s a Veggie Delight and he’s a New York Italian.

You gotta eat. You know it’s true.

While you’re in the neighborhood, here’s what you do…

You go to Thundercloud Subs!

(roast beef avocado)

Thundercloud Subs!


It was drilled into my brain for a couple days, but I have yet to succumb to its temptation by getting one of their delicious NY Italians. We’ll see.

Please share your thoughts and/or opinions to the rest of the world about what you think of this jingle, since you’ve stumbled across this page almost by accident. I’m sure you’d like to be heard, and everyone will read what you wrote and might have the courage to comment, too.

the mean greenie


“Mean Greenie”

Mean Greenie was already on his last days when he started sitting upright at the bottom of his bowl and could no longer eat the pellet food with the great accuracy he had when he was healthy.

The pH levels and the hunger eventually did him in. He probably only stayed around a little while longer to cherish the last moments of watching Mighty Aphrodite swimming around in her bowl nearby.

He was the first green betta of the bunch and one of the biggest and strongest among them. The only betta in the Betta Babies™ that will have currently outlived Mean Greenie is Anthem.

the taco cabana bogos and reasons why this great state pwnz

Tomorrow, Mare and I will be enjoying our half-price taco dinners. That’s what BOGOs essentially are. Taco Cabana sent a promotional flyer a few weeks ago with some irresistible coupons to stimulate the Texan economy.

Last week, we used the BOGO Fajita Cabana Bowl coupon. We went with steak of course. We forgot to ixnay the refried beans, so I ate pinto bean paste for the first time in a very long time. We also ordered some extra tortillas on the side, because they’re the best. When we were done eating, we were stuffed for less than ten bucks.

We used the BOGO Fajita Taco Dinner coupon the week before that. Each plate had two steak tacos, spanish rice, refried beans, and a couple extra tortillas. We substituted the beans for more rice and indulged in two big meals for less than ten bucks.

Taco Cabana is one of the best Mexican chains in Texas. The quality of their food rivals those fancier Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants where you’ll find yourself spending two to three times more for something similar.

We usually go inside to dine, because we enjoy the authentic-style atmosphere. I’ve heard the wait at the drive-thru can be ridiculous, but I think they’ve improved since they became notorious for having the longest wait of chain restaurants with a drive-thru. It didn’t take too long the last time I recall going through the drive-thru, but it was during the wee hours of the night. I’m sure it wouldn’t be in someone’s best interest on their lunch break.

Returning to good things about Taco Cabana: their salsa bar is awesome. You can choose from five different salsas: rojo, verde, fuego, pico de gallo, and a new pineapple chipotle. The quality has been fresh every time I’ve visited, and it’s help yourself to however much you want. The salsa tastes authentic like the food, so I get down on their salsa when I dine in. This is another perk to dining in versus using the drive-thru.

They also serve breakfast tacos in the morning. Coupled with their homemade-style flour tortillas, these tacos hit the spot after a late night of drinking or satisfying an early bird’s hunger. The barbacoa breakfast taco is delicious and wrecks your stomach in that good way signaling its authenticity.

For you readers who are unfamiliar with barbacoa, it’s seasoned greasy cow cheek. It’s extra juicy, tastes delicious, and does a number on your gut like you’d never imagine but worth the consumption. Their other breakfast tacos are good, too, but I’m devoted to the barbacoa. It’s not the best I’ve had, but Taqueria Almeida is 250 miles away;)

I was just going to write a quick post about their BOGO coupons stimulating people like myself to go out and spend money on eating out, but this post turned into a long rant about why I like Taco Cabana. Well, if you’re not from Texas or haven’t enjoyed food from this Mexican chain restaurant, then you’re missing out. I’m not going to overhype it, but it’s damn good food. Peace out.

the quiet office necessity

A few weeks ago, I started a new day job. For eight hours a day, I am plugged into a computer working with data. This pays the bills but is a very monotonous task. The office sounds are mostly white noise and the sounds of fingers tapping keys on keyboards.

To drown out these perpetual sounds, listening devices are necessary. I’ve had a Transcend T.sonic 310 for almost a few years now, but it’s a 1GB MP3 player that plays the tracks in the order that they were copied onto the flash drive. 1GB of music isn’t much, so the selection gets stale if it’s played often. In this environment, I do my best to keep the earbuds on for the shift.

I was in the market to purchase another USB media player when I knew I needed a listening device to stay sane at work. This media player needed to fulfill three requirements: fits my budget, FM tuner, and a built-in lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB.

My budget was no more than $40, but I managed to find something that fit the guidelines for $25. This MP3 player holds 2GB of data, has an FM tuner, and recharges via USB. I get an average of about 5½ hours of playback on a charge which is kind of unfortunate, but I switch to the Transcend when this one is juiced.

While browsing’s Weekly Deals tonight, I stumbled across an 8GB MP3 player on Sale for $40! Although it’s $15 more than the MP3 player I purchased recently, it has enough better features to make up for it all.

First off, it has 8GB of storage as opposed to 2GB. It also has the FM tuner and the lithium-ion battery. The features list claims that it has up to eight hours of playback time which would be ideal if it’s on for an entire shift. Another bonus is that it supports MP4 and has a 1.8″ screen that displays 65,000 colors so it can play videos with amazing clarity. It may be an off-brand, but I have tried a couple off-brand MP3 players and can say that you get your money’s worth.

Although I’m satisfied with the MP3 players I have now, I would have definitely considered purchasing one of these if I had known about this deal a few weeks ago. I believe that you don’t need to buy a fancy iPod or MP3 players in the $100+ range if all you’re looking for is to listen to music or the radio.

the blomus stainless steel

Stainless steel is a versatile material used in many different applications from cooking and eating utensils to outdoor decorations. This alloy is very popular because it does not rust or corrode as easily as ordinary steel.

Blomus has fabricated many attractive uses with stainless steel including stainless steel paper towel holders and blomus stainless steel vases. If you are looking outdoor decorations or home accents, then this selection can provide solutions to bring more style around the house.

Stainless steel is luxurious and lasts for years. It provides the stable foundation to durable products like stainless steel picture frames and grilling tools.

the sony blu-ray player for $70

Blu-ray players have only been available to the public for only a few years. Like all emerging technology, they were very expensive and only desired by early adopters and enthusiasts. The first players were boxy and unattractive with an even more unattractive $1800 price tag.

The HD format war ensued between Blu-ray and HD DVD, but Blu-ray came out on top as the victor. The Blu-ray format is a new design of optical discs including a new type of laser which provides a higher storage capacity than HD DVD. HD DVD was merely an improvement on the existing DVD technology. One of the top selling points for the Playstation 3 is the Blu-ray capability.

The Blu-ray disc coupled with a compatible player takes full advantage of 1080p HD resolution. The sound and picture is much crisper than DVD which enhances the viewing experience in home theaters.

Since Blu-ray is the standard in high-definition optical discs, the players have become mainstream and more affordable. The prices have dropped significantly since the debut of this format only a short three years ago. You can get a Sony SATA Blu-Ray BD-ROM for a penny less than seventy dollars. This is an awesome deal if you are ready to take upgrade your HTPC for the best picture you have ever seen in your home.

I do need to mention that the drives on sale are reconditioned, but that can mean anything from an unopened item the customer had second thoughts about to an item that that was missing an accessory. They sent back to the manufacturer where the missing parts were replaced, tested, and repackaged. The savings are passed on to you, and they are practically brand new. If reconditioned bothers you, then go ahead and spend the extra forty bucks. The lowest price I have found on this particular model is $110, and other technology providers still have these listed close to $200.

In these hard economic times, deals are constantly surfacing. Passing up a Blu-ray player for $70 means waiting on the next one and who knows when that may happen. This deal has free shipping and is so good that the limit is five per customer. At the time of writing this, this drive is the 6th best-selling item on one of the most popular online retailers on the internet, Don’t wait to take up this weekly deal, because they disappear quick.