the free burritos from chipotle

One of the added bonuses to seeing the midnight premiere of Watchmen at Alamo Lake Creek with the Capstone Comics crew is that they handed out these free paper bags for free Chipotle burritos. Anyone who got one of these bags could walk into Chipotle by March 8th to get a free giant, gourmet burrito. Score!

Since we were sitting on the end of a row and the received the rest of the bags being passed down, we had the double bonus of getting multiple bags. Mare and I got four bags total. We used two on Friday, and the other two on Sunday at two nearby locations.

Chipotle burritos usually go for eight bucks (plus tax) each, so we scored over $32 worth of free food. Quadruple bonus! Their food is delicious and a carnivorous health nut’s wet dream. They do have some stiff competition here with Freebird’s, but both types of burritos are very different. I’d say most of Austin prefers Freebird’s over Chipotle, but I’m down with either but would sway a little closer to the Bird.

The first burrito I enjoyed was made with the barbacoa. I don’t think it’s genuine barbacoa, because the barbacoa I’m used to getting at Mexican taco shacks (and Taco Cabana for breakfast) is much greasier and does a number on my gut once it’s made the journey to the end. The meat is still delicious though.

I prefer the fajita burrito, because I don’t like pinto beans. Put some pico de gallo, some of that roasted chili-corn salsa, cheese and romaine on top of the juicy meat, sautéed green peppers and onions on a layer of cilantro-lime rice and wrap it up in a big tortilla for a tasty meal. My second burrito was the same setup but with the carnitas which are very tasty as well.

I rarely ever go to Chipotle to dine, but we couldn’t pass up the free meals. I’m sure they ran this promotion to stimulate some business with the weak state of the economy and Lent going on. We weren’t total mooches. We bought sodas and tipped them the change.

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