the sony blu-ray player for $70

Blu-ray players have only been available to the public for only a few years. Like all emerging technology, they were very expensive and only desired by early adopters and enthusiasts. The first players were boxy and unattractive with an even more unattractive $1800 price tag.

The HD format war ensued between Blu-ray and HD DVD, but Blu-ray came out on top as the victor. The Blu-ray format is a new design of optical discs including a new type of laser which provides a higher storage capacity than HD DVD. HD DVD was merely an improvement on the existing DVD technology. One of the top selling points for the Playstation 3 is the Blu-ray capability.

The Blu-ray disc coupled with a compatible player takes full advantage of 1080p HD resolution. The sound and picture is much crisper than DVD which enhances the viewing experience in home theaters.

Since Blu-ray is the standard in high-definition optical discs, the players have become mainstream and more affordable. The prices have dropped significantly since the debut of this format only a short three years ago. You can get a Sony SATA Blu-Ray BD-ROM for a penny less than seventy dollars. This is an awesome deal if you are ready to take upgrade your HTPC for the best picture you have ever seen in your home.

I do need to mention that the drives on sale are reconditioned, but that can mean anything from an unopened item the customer had second thoughts about to an item that that was missing an accessory. They sent back to the manufacturer where the missing parts were replaced, tested, and repackaged. The savings are passed on to you, and they are practically brand new. If reconditioned bothers you, then go ahead and spend the extra forty bucks. The lowest price I have found on this particular model is $110, and other technology providers still have these listed close to $200.

In these hard economic times, deals are constantly surfacing. Passing up a Blu-ray player for $70 means waiting on the next one and who knows when that may happen. This deal has free shipping and is so good that the limit is five per customer. At the time of writing this, this drive is the 6th best-selling item on one of the most popular online retailers on the internet, Don’t wait to take up this weekly deal, because they disappear quick.

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