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the quiet office necessity

A few weeks ago, I started a new day job. For eight hours a day, I am plugged into a computer working with data. This pays the bills but is a very monotonous task. The office sounds are mostly white noise and the sounds of fingers tapping keys on keyboards.

To drown out these perpetual sounds, listening devices are necessary. I’ve had a Transcend T.sonic 310 for almost a few years now, but it’s a 1GB MP3 player that plays the tracks in the order that they were copied onto the flash drive. 1GB of music isn’t much, so the selection gets stale if it’s played often. In this environment, I do my best to keep the earbuds on for the shift.

I was in the market to purchase another USB media player when I knew I needed a listening device to stay sane at work. This media player needed to fulfill three requirements: fits my budget, FM tuner, and a built-in lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB.

My budget was no more than $40, but I managed to find something that fit the guidelines for $25. This MP3 player holds 2GB of data, has an FM tuner, and recharges via USB. I get an average of about 5½ hours of playback on a charge which is kind of unfortunate, but I switch to the Transcend when this one is juiced.

While browsing’s Weekly Deals tonight, I stumbled across an 8GB MP3 player on Sale for $40! Although it’s $15 more than the MP3 player I purchased recently, it has enough better features to make up for it all.

First off, it has 8GB of storage as opposed to 2GB. It also has the FM tuner and the lithium-ion battery. The features list claims that it has up to eight hours of playback time which would be ideal if it’s on for an entire shift. Another bonus is that it supports MP4 and has a 1.8″ screen that displays 65,000 colors so it can play videos with amazing clarity. It may be an off-brand, but I have tried a couple off-brand MP3 players and can say that you get your money’s worth.

Although I’m satisfied with the MP3 players I have now, I would have definitely considered purchasing one of these if I had known about this deal a few weeks ago. I believe that you don’t need to buy a fancy iPod or MP3 players in the $100+ range if all you’re looking for is to listen to music or the radio.


Comment from Jesus Ross
Time: 17 June 2010, 20:46

i love to hear music everyday on my ipod mp3 player as well as on my cellphone mp3 player.”‘:

Comment from Electric Griddle 
Time: 13 October 2010, 1:58

my mp3 player is an ipod shuffle, the sound is great specially if you use Sennheiser headphones;;*

Comment from Digital Caliper
Time: 20 December 2010, 12:48

most mp3 players that we have these days are made in china but they are quite good anyway ‘.”

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