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Fellow Austinites who tune into 101X have probably heard the annoying jingle that Thundercloud Subs is currently playing. I would have to say that it is currently tied with the Reid’s Cleaners jingle that is currently playing on television but loses severely to the local Gatti’s commercial (“Dial 4 5 9 22 22 and get a Mr. Gatti’s pizza delivered…real cheese… real h0tt…”). Thundercloud’s previous jingle was mostly tolerable at least.

Thundercloud Subs
2009 Radio Jingle

Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-03-27 at 0748 with a Mambo Clamp.

_____________~* BONUS *~_____________

For those of you who have never heard this and have been told to listen but may lack Flash support on your browser (or just want your own copy) can click the MP3 icon to download it to your computer.


_____________~* DOUBLE BONUS *~_____________

Thundercloud Subs Radio Jingle lyrics

When I’m really hungry and I want something good,

I go to the Thundercloud in my neighborhood.

The sandwich makers are friends of mine ’cause I’m in there all the time.

When my stomach starts to grumble, you can bet I happily stumble into Thundercloud Subs!

For a hometown vibe with delicious grub…

Thundercloud Subs!

It’s a tasty place that everybody loves.

Armadillo lady on a date with a stallion,

She’s a Veggie Delight and he’s a New York Italian.

You gotta eat. You know it’s true.

While you’re in the neighborhood, here’s what you do…

You go to Thundercloud Subs!

(roast beef avocado)

Thundercloud Subs!


It was drilled into my brain for a couple days, but I have yet to succumb to its temptation by getting one of their delicious NY Italians. We’ll see.

Please share your thoughts and/or opinions to the rest of the world about what you think of this jingle, since you’ve stumbled across this page almost by accident. I’m sure you’d like to be heard, and everyone will read what you wrote and might have the courage to comment, too.

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15 thoughts on “the thundercloud subs radio jingle”

  1. Same here, I like the jingle. lyrics never leaves my mind… ” When Iā€™m really hungry and I want something good,
    I go to the Thundercloud in my neighborhood. “

  2. I despise this jingle. it is annoying, and makes me glad ive never eaten at thundercloud subs.

  3. hate it
    i change the channel
    cant stand the thing
    i picture an old hippie lady whose trying way too hard on stage at a dive on tuesday night
    worst ever
    no sub for me

  4. Recently moved to Austin. This jingle has shot to the top of the pile in the horrible jingle department. I hate it with a passion, the only thing “funny” about this its picturing the lame singing this shit in the booth. Awww hate hate hate hate!

  5. Hate, hate, hate it! It sounds like some twit found a rhyming dictionary and crapped this out in about 5 minutes. Ideally, it should rock a lot harder and be less folky. This sounds like a bad caricature hallucination of everything that is wrong with KGSR and hippies, and makes me a little ashamed for Austin when visitors to our city hear this tripe.

  6. THERE YOU GO live music capital of the world.

    tribute bands, cover bands, SRV wannabees, hipsters, and crappy jingles. (EXPLORE USA RV on kvet is equally disgusting)

  7. I will never go to Thundercloud Subs because of these commercials. Good job, guys!

  8. It’s a good song, by jingle standards. Very catchy. All the hate-filled comments… just blows my mind. Not that someone may not like it, but… that people go online, look for things they hate, and then type about it. If you have to spend your time spilling your opinion online, please go find something you like.

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