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the caterpillar salad

My family had lunch this past Sunday at an Italian restaurant chain known for their soup, salad, and breadsticks. My brother was finishing his second helping of salad when he noticed an anomaly next to a crouton: a caterpillar.

He was about to eat it before he noticed its odd shape and the worm juice that […]

the factors to consider when purchasing dvd+r media

When purchasing writable optical discs, a couple factors should be considered in order to make a solid decision and a good investment. DVD+R media is usually sold in spindles, and the bigger spindles cost much less per disc than the ten-packs or bundles that come with jewel cases.
The first factor to consider is value. When […]

the movers and moving quotes

Due to the unstable economy, many Americans are packing up and moving elsewhere. Some families have been settled for years and even decades before the companies they worked for fell apart as finances began to collapse causing a domino effect of unemployment across the fifty states.
Moving can be a hassle for anyone. The least expensive […]

the broken window prevention

The state of the American economy has caused some absent-minded people to take desperate measures in order to survive. Breaking and entering to steal another person’s valuables is one method that low-life hooligans use to get the money they need for whatever reason. Whether they are paying back a loan shark or getting their next […]

the fly traps

Since the weather has warmed up, the bugs are back. Maggots feast on wet garbage and turn into flies that leave microscopic tracks wherever they land. Houseflies are fast flying insects that can be difficult to catch and kill. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to rid your home of these creatures. Leave it […]

the 5-4-3-2-1’s

I haven’t updated you guys with what’s been going on with me for a while, so here’s that post.
I’ve been working at my new job for a couple months now, and I like it. It’s a job. It keeps the bills paid and keeps me from starving. Some days are difficult to wake up to […]

the credit cards club

The average American consumer is unable to pay for everything all at once for the most part. Credit is the friend and enemy to millions of people who use credit cards regularly in order to afford everything they want and need from day to day even if they do not have the money upfront.
People with […]