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the maxtor terabyte external hard drive deal (1TB for under a hundred!)

Imagine this scenario. You’re working on a project on your computer that you’ve been cranking on for the past month. You hear thunder crackling outside and hard rain is hitting the window in the room. All of sudden the power flickers and quickly comes back on. The sound of the printer flipping back on and the glow of the boot screen fill the room while all of your electronics restart.

You have the habit of the saving every five minutes which is a good thing, but you notice that your hard drive is making a weird clicking sound now and the computer keeps restarting. You spend hours tinkering with it to no avail. Your saving habit doesn’t pay off this time, and you don’t really back your data up. A month of work is no longer accessible, and a lesson is learned.

If you had a Maxtor OneTouch 4, then you would have avoided this dilemma. If you had to put a price on all those hard hours you invested into that project, then I’m sure that it’d be worth more than a hundred bucks. This 1TB external hard drive is on sale for an irresistible price (~10ยข/GB) that will give you peace of mind and protect your data.

Whatever you need to back up can be easily stored on this hard drive: photos, music, video, documents, pr0n, and any other files stored on your computer. A trusted brand and a thousand gigs of storage for a penny less than a hundred with free shipping is an online offer that everyone who uses a computer and stores important data on their local hard drive should not pass up before it’s too late.

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