the factors to consider when purchasing dvd+r media

When purchasing writable optical discs, a couple factors should be considered in order to make a solid decision and a good investment. DVD+R media is usually sold in spindles, and the bigger spindles cost much less per disc than the ten-packs or bundles that come with jewel cases.

The first factor to consider is value. When buying the discs, I usually go with 100-disc spindles. I don’t want to have to make multiple trips to the electronics store to pick up more, and I do plenty of burning. I’m used to seeing a spindle of a hundred discs for around $30.

I found a sale on two 50-disc spindles of Memorex 16x DVD+R discs for $20 and free shipping. Not only do you get a great price for high-quality discs, you don’t have to waste any time or gas going to the electronics store to buy them because they’re shipped to you at no extra cost.

Don’t waste your money buying ten-packs that come with cases. Those cases are prone to cracking, and the price per disc is a rip-off. Invest in a Case Logic carrying case that holds 100+ discs. I own many of these cases, and they have yet to let me down. They’re high-quality cases that keep your discs in a safe place to prevent scratches.

The second factor is quality. I choose brands that are well-known in the business and have proven themselves to be trustworthy. I usually go with either Sony, Memorex, or TDK when choosing a spindle of 16x DVD+R media. Selecting better brands means a much lower fail rate when burning discs than buying off-brands. Surprisingly, most DVD+R discs are priced around the same, so the recognized brands are just as affordable as the others.

If you have loads of data that you need to burn to discs or just want to back up your DVD collection, then buying DVD+R media in bulk is the way to go. Even if you’re just planning on burning a dozen discs, go ahead and buy a hundred of them. You may take longer to use them up, but you’ve saved yourself some cash by avoiding the small-quantity markup and repeated trips to the electronics store.

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