the caterpillar salad

My family had lunch this past Sunday at an Italian restaurant chain known for their soup, salad, and breadsticks. My brother was finishing his second helping of salad when he noticed an anomaly next to a crouton: a caterpillar.

He was about to eat it before he noticed its odd shape and the worm juice that squeezed out when he squished it with his fork. After my sister snapped a picture with her new phone, we alerted a waiter of the deceased larva that made its way on one of our plates.

The manager on duty came by our table to apologize, comped my brother’s meal and also gave us a $50 gift card. Although our stomachs were a little uneasy for the remainder of our visit, we still enjoyed each other’s company, the prompt service, and the restaurant’s delicious food.

We weren’t furious of the occurrence, because the truth is that caterpillars eat leaves so something like this is bound to happen. The restaurant staff handled the situation professionally, and this incident will not keep us from returning in the future. However, we will always relish the time that my brother found a caterpillar in his salad every time the topic of finding something strange in your food is brought up and every time we dine at this Italian restaurant. When we’re there, we’re Family.

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