the kingston 8gb datatraveler deal #2

How much disk space do your important documents use? How about your MP3 collection? Surprisingly, you can fit more than you think on a portable USB flash drive. Do you back up often? What would you do if you lost all of that data?

An inexpensive solution for backing up your most important data is keeping a copy of your files on a Kingston 8GB flash drive. Kingston has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality memory and has no shortcomings with their popular line of pocket-size storage.

Their newer line of DataTraveler flash drives has a slicker design and does not have a cap like the previous version. The USB connection simply slides into the device, so you don’t have to worry about losing the cap. Unlike optical media, flash drives are much more durable and portable than their coaster cousins.

In a world always on the go, being able to have a method of moving files from one computer to another quickly and efficiently is necessary. With 8GB at your disposal, you can copy more than a dual-layer DVD’s worth of data onto one of these drives. Find them on sale at for under $22 plus free shipping.

When you find yourself in the predicament of needing a flash drive to copy some files because you have no CD-Rs or any other media to copy files on, you may wonder why you don’t already own a Kingston DataTraveler. Emailing file attachments don’t work in all cases due to file size limits, and uploading very large files will take so much longer. Stop wasting time and effort and just get a flash drive big enough to suit your data-storing needs.

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