the perfect father’s day gift

Father’s Day is about a couple weeks away, so make sure to get him a gift that holds memories frozen in time, an LCD digital photo frame. This device is one of the most popular gifts to give any loved one these days and makes the perfect present.

The Sungale 7″ digital frame pictured above usually goes for $90, but you can get a brand-new one on sale shipped directly to you for less than $40. No setup is required. This frame supports many portable storage formats and file types. Just fill the flash drive with pictures that Dad will cherish, plug it in, and watch the accurate color reproduction. You can watch the pictures in slide show mode or navigate with the remote control.

Those old frames that clutter the walls, mantles, and coffee tables are a trend of the past. The price for digital frames is affordable these days, so also consider getting ones for the other fathers in your family for Father’s Day: uncles, grandfathers, brothers with kids, brother-in-laws, etc. It will be something they’ll keep around for years.

The generation gap doesn’t mean anything with how simple it is to use this device. Why waste the time organizing photo prints in an album when digital photography is the way most people capture their memories these days? Order one of these now so you can have it delivered in time for Father’s Day.

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