the samsung 21.5-inch lcd monitor for under $170

Yes, I’ll admit that a CRT monitor still sits on the desk that I’m typing this on. No, I am not currently staring into it. I’m writing this post on my trusty notebook that I’ve been using for over three years. If I were to replace my CRT monitor any time soon, then I’d be interested in something along these lines:

Samsung is currently dominating the market on LCD HDTVs and recently released their 240Hz LED HDTV. No, LED was not a typo. This new innovation in the high definition television market is what makes Samsung a leader in the electronics industry. Enough with the TVs, I was just making a point about Samsung.

An LCD monitor is essentially a desktop-sized TV. The resolution is just as high for the size it is. The 21.5″ display in the picture above was unbelievably expensive when they first hit the market in that size. You could have probably bought a large television set five years ago for less than the larger LCD monitors were being sold for.

Not only have the prices of LCD monitors dropped since they are so commonplace these days, the technology has improved (of course!). The Samsung 2243SWX LCD Monitor sports a 5ms response time and a 15000:1 contrast ratio. It only consumes 45 watts for you green-conscious folk, and less than 1 watt when on standby. It swivels, tilts, and is height-adjustable.

The 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and DVI input will provide a visual experience similar to what you get on your HDTV but on something that conveniently fits on your desktop. With an amazing sale price of a penny less than $170 plus free shipping, it would be unwise to pass this up if you don’t already have an LCD monitor. This great deal won’t stick around forever, so don’t hesitate. You’ll know you’re investing in a quality monitor with a reputation like Samsung’s in the LCD display market.

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