the bed bug encasement

Bed bugs are nasty little pests that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They can live in your bed, sofa, or in your closet. Most hotels are infested at some level with bed bugs. Bed bugs are small and mainly active at night, so they could be present without  being noticeable. Bed bugs are a major nuisance and have high time and energy costs to remove them. At this point, no pesticides are known to have long term bed bug prevention capabilities either.

While you are away, keep your luggage safe with a bed bug encasement. Simply place your luggage inside the encasement for the duration of you stay and throw the encasement away when you leave. Bed bug encasements would also useful in the home during treatment of an infestation. Keep your home safe and don’t let these little pests get the best of you. Save yourself time and money by keeping your luggage safe on your trips.

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