the leaky faucet

I haven’t been in a writing mood lately, but I figured that I’d post something since it’s the last day of June and I haven’t really been posting much about life in general lately.

If you were wondering about the title of this post, it’s a reference to the rerun of Wheel of Fortune that aired today. The contestant won a trip to Hawaii plus a million dollars along with all the cash she won during the game. The answer to the bonus round was ‘LEAKY FAUCET’. I thought the puzzle was too easy since the lady chose the most commonly chosen letters (C D M A) selected at the bonus round other than the default R S T L N E.

It almost seemed like they gave her the prize just to give to her. She was recently married and made up half of one of America’s status quo couples that you would see in magazines and brand-new picture frames. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bonus wheel had multiple million-dollar envelopes instead of just the one. Add that to your game show conspiracy database.

I will say that she probably won fair and square since she had to land on the wedge, get to the bonus round without landing on any bankrupt spaces, land on the million-dollar envelope(s) on the bonus wheel, and solve the bonus round puzzle.

Does Pat Sajak have a button at his feet where he stands during the game and can push it to make the wheel slow down and speed up? Think about that. He has had streaks of landing on the $5000 wedges to excite the crowd and contestants. Maybe he’s mastered the art of spinning the Wheel.

Anyway, it’s my bedtime. Even though I was born and raised in this state and have lived here my entire life, I think I truly despise hot Texas summers. The heat is unbearable. It makes me love my new tint on my car even more and hate the fact that everyone’s electricity bills can increase up to 70% (as I heard on the local news).

We’ve had a hundred-degree plus streak lately, but it finally rained a bit today. I haven’t been hitting the gym lately, because I can’t stand the heat right now. This post is a longer than I had anticipated, so it concludes here for now. Good night. Peace out.

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