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The fall semester is only a few months away, and shopping for school supplies will be a task to be tackled. When the kids go off to college, all kinds of expenses will accrue. Books are not cheap. They want to sport the latest and greatest notebook computer on the market. They’ll need an MP3 listening device to null the white noise and make a fashion statement. Along with the writing utensils, spiral notebooks, index cards, and the rest of the school supplies, they’ll need something to contain all of their essentials.

SwissGear, maker of the genuine Swiss army knife, has a line of quality backpacks made to withstand everyday use and last a lifetime. The Julien laptop backpack has a stable platform to sit upright and a padded computer pocket to protect a laptop which fits most 15.4″ widescreens. The backpack straps have a convenient pocket with a headphone port that holds an MP3 player. A mesh pocket is stitched into the side to hold a water bottle to help students stay hydrated when they walk around campus.

For an irresistible sale price of $30 plus free shipping, this backpack is a great deal for students searching for a backpack to hold their laptop, books, binders, notes, water bottle, and iPod. Investing in a backpack made by a trusted brand means that it will probably last a college career or longer. Resist wasting time shopping for a backpack at a picked over shop when just order this one online and have it delivered to your door at no additional cost.

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