the verbatim nano wireless mouse

As mobile technology advances, some devices just keep getting more and more compact. Most notebook computer users prefer an optical mouse over a touchpad, since moving a cursor and scrolling is easier with a mouse.

The Verbatim Nano wireless optical mouse takes the mighty mouse to the next level. Along with the compact mouse with scroll wheel, the Nano receiver is the most compact USB receiver around right now. The device is so small that it can just be left in the port without worry of it breaking off like most USB wireless mouse receivers.

The receiver for the Nano notebook mouse can be conveniently stored in its slot underneath the mouse to fit into when it’s not attached to a notebook. It also performs with 2.4GHz wireless reliability like most receivers despite its size. The mouse has a rubberized grip for comfort and is available in six colors to choose from.

This wireless mouse retails at $39 but is currently on sale for $26.49 with free shipping. It also comes with a $15 rebate, so total cost to you for this advanced notebook mouse is only $14.49. Most quality wireless mice cost much more than this and don’t have the amazingly small receiver like the Nano receiver. You won’t find a similar deal on this mouse at your local electronics store.

Don’t embarrass yourself at your favorite coffee shop with a USB receiver sticking out of the side of your dusty notebook. It’ll be like using a wireless network card instead of having a laptop with the chipset built in. It’s 2009! Lose the wires, lose the clunky wireless receivers, and compute in style with a Nano wireless optical mouse.

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