the 1tb hard drive for under $80

Why worry about freeing up disk space when storage is more affordable than ever? If you don’t already own at least a terabyte (1TB = ~1000GB) of disk storage, then you don’t have enough for all of the media files that you’ll probably eventually collect over time whether it’s months or years.

The Fantom 1TB GreenDrive is an ideal external hard drive solution for any home user looking to expand their disk storage. The drive is part of the green initiative equipped with power saving technology and manufactured with materials that are ROHS-compliant. This hard drive consumes less power compared to standard hard drives and is features a durable aluminum case. It comes with a two-year warranty and performs just as well as hard drives that use more power.

Internal terabyte hard drives currently hover around the $100 range. Hard drive enclosures sold separately are an additional cost if one is to put together an external hard drive to attempt to save. This particular GreenDrive is being sold on Amazon Marketplace right now for $109, but you can get it for only $99.99 on You save almost ten bucks right off the bat going through You’ll also get free shipping from which Amazon may be offering but probably not. That’s not all. On top of being sold at a price that rivals the price of internal hard drives of the same capacity, it also comes with a $20 rebate. Yes, you can own a terabyte external hard drive with both USB 2.0 and eSATA connections for less than $80.

This is a drive that will go out of stock relatively quick since the price is very competitive. A sale like this doesn’t come around all the time, and it’s limit 5 per customer so that’s a sure sign that the item at this price is in demand and will sell out quick. If you’re battling low disk space issues, then now is the time to invest in one of these puppies.

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