the iomega ix2 1tb nas

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a powerful and affordable solution for storage and data protection. The Iomega StorCenter ix2 1TB NAS is ideal for backing up and storing your important files while having the ability to access them from any computer on the network.

This device is VMware Certified, so you can be assured that it’s professional grade technology. The unit contains two 500GB SATA-II hard disk drives and has RAID support. With Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, data is served over the network quickly and efficiently. It works perfect with Windows PC, Mac, and Linux workstations and is even compatible with video game consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The days of having to deleting and moving files to free up disk space is long gone with the affordability of storage today. On sale for under $200, the Iomega ix2 is the perfect storage device with its easy-to-use interface and robust features. Along with being a media server, a print server, and a secure storage device, the ix2 can also be used to store data from a security camera without needing a dedicated PC.

This network storage isn’t for amateurs. If you’re serious about sharing content on a home or office network, then consider investing in this appliance. Data is valuable and can be even considered priceless in some cases. Your photos, videos, audio, documents, and other important files can all be contained on this compact device. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure on this advanced storage solution.

the wireless evolution continues with n

If you’re going to keep up with wireless networking technology with your existing equipment, then you’re either going to have to swap out your internal wireless card (which can result in wasted time and a unnecessary headache) or you can simply get a Wireless N USB adapter to utilize the fastest signal on the block these days.

This upgrade might seem like something expensive. If I were to guess how much, I’d say somewhere between $30-$50 for this adapter. If this was The Price Is Right, I wouldn’t win the Winnebago ’cause I’d be way over. This adapter is currently on sale online for under $20 plus free shipping.

Why do you need this upgrade? You might want to stream an ISO on your notebook over a wireless connection. You’ll probably experience choppiness in the audio and video from the being maxed out or unstable. Data transfer over a 802.11n is twice as fast as 802.11g, and this device is also backwards compatible in case you haven’t upgraded that dinosaur of a router you still use.

If you’re looking for the speed of a wired connection but require mobility, then this USB adapter is what one of your notebook needs unless you plan on busting out the precision screwdrivers, spending more on an internal card, and voiding your notebook warranty if it still has one.

the dell latitude for under $400

Dell has been assembling quality computers for almost 25 years and has become a household name. Their Optiplex and Latitude line of computers has become standard in business grade machinery that many companies depend on.

The Dell Latitude D620 notebook is a model that I’m familiar with from a previous job. Apart from being bombarded with way too much work, this machine was very dependable. I never had any issues with it, and it was able to keep up with everything I would do with it.

This notebook is currently on sale online for under $400 plus free shipping. I’m sure when the my previous employer spent close to two grand when they bought one of these. This particular deal has all the equipment you’ll need for everyday computing including plenty of RAM, a decent processor, and wireless capability. The D620 will be able to run Windows 7 when the OS upgrade hits the shelves in 2010.

The chassis is a sleek design that screams sophistication. This notebook doesn’t weigh much and is relatively mobile. It’s not a netbook, but it can still be carried around without much hassle. If you’re looking at investing in a notebook that’s durable and will last you at least a few years, then Dell is one of the brands to consider if you’re looking for as much bang for your buck as you can get.

the womens complete outfits

Styles change almost as often as the seasons change. Men get away with wearing the same three pairs of pants over and over, but women need to have a closet full of complete outfits to last them at least a month.

Different outfits are required for different occasions as well as different climates. Casual work clothes for the work week and outfits for the night life are essential to a wardrobe. Everyday wear for melting in the summer or staying warm during the winter are also necessary.

Fashion is always evolving, and staying hip to the latest fashion trends keep women looking and feeling their best. Having a large selection of complete outfits provides variety while eliminating the headache of matching pieces to make the outfits.

the three years of suds

On this exact date and time in 2006, the first post was published on this site. Modern Soapbox was initially created as a public journal for the masses to continue the blog I updated on MySpace and has become a collection of prose and other random bits of writing over the years.

2009 is about four months from being over. MySpace is suffering its downward spiral into unpopularity since Facebook & Twitter has climbed to the top of the social networking mountain. Modern Soapbox is still kicking it strong with 600+ published posts and will continue into its fourth year and probably fifth.

My internet service from where I do most of the posting has been intermittent since late last week, so I haven’t been able to get things done on here that I’ve been meaning to do. The appearance of this site was going to get a makeover by today, but that didn’t happen since I did not have access to it for most of the weekend. The revised plan is to roll out the new appearance within the next week or two. The surprise is ruined but we’ll consider it a belated birthday present. Peace out.