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the iomega ix2 1tb nas

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a powerful and affordable solution for storage and data protection. The Iomega StorCenter ix2 1TB NAS is ideal for backing up and storing your important files while having the ability to access them from any computer on the network.
This device is VMware Certified, so you can be assured that it’s […]

the wireless evolution continues with n

If you’re going to keep up with wireless networking technology with your existing equipment, then you’re either going to have to swap out your internal wireless card (which can result in wasted time and a unnecessary headache) or you can simply get a Wireless N USB adapter to utilize the fastest signal on the block […]

the dell latitude for under $400

Dell has been assembling quality computers for almost 25 years and has become a household name. Their Optiplex and Latitude line of computers has become standard in business grade machinery that many companies depend on.
The Dell Latitude D620 notebook is a model that I’m familiar with from a previous job. Apart from being bombarded with […]

the womens complete outfits

Styles change almost as often as the seasons change. Men get away with wearing the same three pairs of pants over and over, but women need to have a closet full of complete outfits to last them at least a month.
Different outfits are required for different occasions as well as different climates. Casual work clothes […]

the three years of suds

On this exact date and time in 2006, the first post was published on this site. Modern Soapbox was initially created as a public journal for the masses to continue the blog I updated on MySpace and has become a collection of prose and other random bits of writing over the years.
2009 is about four […]

the VOIP phone systems

the cash for gold