the hosted dialer

Enterprises often find themselves spending more than they should on complex transactions that can be simplified through automation. Eliminating the need to overbuild call center infrastructures will save costs and provide more efficiency to enterprise businesses. One of the most used solutions is hosted dialer.

Courtesy and predictive dialer services are ideal for outbound call management in providing information to customers. Advanced dialers built on fifth-generation carrier-grade infrastructure maintain lower costs through automation.

Using IVR-based speech-recognition and touch-tone technology, customers can get the information they need efficiently without the need for an enterprise to scale their call center to meet the demand. A hosted dialer benefits an enterprise in many ways. Messages are delivered in an automated fashion, customers become more satisfied and loyal, interaction cost is reduced, collection rates are improved, less is spent on administrative costs, agents are more productive, sales are improved, call-center infrastructure costs are reduced, dialing rate is optimized, and less calls are abandoned.