the mastercard pci compliant braintree

Online merchants must understand the importance of having safe and secure credit card transactions through their websites. With identity theft making the public more paranoid about sharing their information, a company that does not comply to today’s standards of accepting payments online will find themselves in the dust.

The quality of a user’s experience at every step of a website will determine if a sale is closed. The visitor can find himself interested in purchasing the merchandise but can feel uncomfortable at the final steps of checking out which can cost the merchant to lose the business.

Making sure an online storefront is MasterCard PCI compliant can be a hassle if all of the work is done in house. This will also cost more time and money than going with a third-party payment solution approach. Braintree Payment Solutions provides the smartest approach to PCI DSS compliance which maintains the same user experience and eliminates the handling, processing, and storing of credit card data. Redirection is transparent, and the online checkout experience is unaffected to customers.