the dell latitude for under $400

Dell has been assembling quality computers for almost 25 years and has become a household name. Their Optiplex and Latitude line of computers has become standard in business grade machinery that many companies depend on.

The Dell Latitude D620 notebook is a model that I’m familiar with from a previous job. Apart from being bombarded with way too much work, this machine was very dependable. I never had any issues with it, and it was able to keep up with everything I would do with it.

This notebook is currently on sale online for under $400 plus free shipping. I’m sure when the my previous employer spent close to two grand when they bought one of these. This particular deal has all the equipment you’ll need for everyday computing including plenty of RAM, a decent processor, and wireless capability. The D620 will be able to run Windows 7 when the OS upgrade hits the shelves in 2010.

The chassis is a sleek design that screams sophistication. This notebook doesn’t weigh much and is relatively mobile. It’s not a netbook, but it can still be carried around without much hassle. If you’re looking at investing in a notebook that’s durable and will last you at least a few years, then Dell is one of the brands to consider if you’re looking for as much bang for your buck as you can get.

Author: Sig

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