the wireless evolution continues with n

If you’re going to keep up with wireless networking technology with your existing equipment, then you’re either going to have to swap out your internal wireless card (which can result in wasted time and a unnecessary headache) or you can simply get a Wireless N USB adapter to utilize the fastest signal on the block these days.

This upgrade might seem like something expensive. If I were to guess how much, I’d say somewhere between $30-$50 for this adapter. If this was The Price Is Right, I wouldn’t win the Winnebago ’cause I’d be way over. This adapter is currently on sale online for under $20 plus free shipping.

Why do you need this upgrade? You might want to stream an ISO on your notebook over a wireless connection. You’ll probably experience choppiness in the audio and video from the being maxed out or unstable. Data transfer over a 802.11n is twice as fast as 802.11g, and this device is also backwards compatible in case you haven’t upgraded that dinosaur of a router you still use.

If you’re looking for the speed of a wired connection but require mobility, then this USB adapter is what one of your notebook needs unless you plan on busting out the precision screwdrivers, spending more on an internal card, and voiding your notebook warranty if it still has one.

Author: Sig

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