the clumsy sighting on nbc’s heroes

On the third episode of the sixth season of Heroes, Claire’s new college friend Gretchen is flipping through one of Claire’s books. The front cover isn’t shown, but a glimpse of the back cover can be seen. The book is Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown.

Check out the back of the book that Gretchen is holding in the screenshot. Look familiar? It’s only fitting that Claire owns a copy of this book seeing that her ability is to be able to quickly heal herself from injuries. Clumsy makes an appearance on NBC! w00t!

the human obsession over looks

Women tend to obsess over looks, but hey, that’s OK with me. That’s why they’re attractive. Contrary to most animals like butterflies and birds, female humans have switched roles with their male counterparts in looking good to attract attention.

Looking good involves an outfit that matches from head to toe. Fashion has evolved over time, but the important factor is that every element of the outfit coordinates with each other down to the footwear. Depending on the outfit, Kate spade shoes might go better than kors shoes. I’m a guy. I don’t really get these things, but I get it when I see a lady in a stunning outfit where everything compliments each other. Shop smart online.

the jeffrey brown book (clumsy) on tonight’s episode of heroes

I’ll have to watch the playback tomorrow because I only caught a glimpse of the back cover of the book, but I think Jeffrey Brown’s Clumsy made a cameo on the new episode of Heroes tonight.

Claire and her new college friend Gretchen are hanging out in Claire’s dorm room when Claire receives a call from her father. After Claire finishes the call, Gretchen is holding a copy of Clumsy and asks if she can borrow it. I didn’t see the front cover, but I caught a glimpse of the back cover.

I think it was Clumsy because of the signature tan cover and the illustration on the back cover, but I won’t be completely sure until tomorrow. One of my favorite independent comic artists has one of his books featured on a popular television drama inspired by the comic world, and I miss it while it airs! Argh! Oh well. Like I said, I’ll see it again soon and update accordingly. Peace out.

Here’s the update!

the global discussion in three weeks

October 15th is Blog Action Day. Thousands of bloggers from all over the world will be uniting to write about one issue voicing their thoughts and opinions to millions of readers. Over 1,000 blogs have already registered at the time of writing this, and your blog can become a part of this history in the making.

This year’s topic is climate change. If you have read this much, maintain a blog, and would like to participate of this intense social gathering, then you should view the video to be inspired, register @ and prepare for October 15th which is only a few weeks away. Please help flood the web by providing a little bit of your time and talent to this important cause.

the apple ibook for under $400

Apple is known for the sleek design of their products. The iBook is no exception. When you see an Apple notebook, you can tell it’s from Apple.

With Apple notebook computers being geared more toward the classy impression than the robust performance of their counterparts, they usually come with a hefty price tag based on the name alone.

For a very limited time, has a supply of refurbished Apple iBook G4 notebooks on sale for a penny less than $400 plus free shipping. These bad boys are loaded OS X 10.5, a gig of RAM, a 40GB hard drive, and everything else you need to have the perfect mobile companion such as Bluetooth and a wireless card.

Why stroll into the most popular coffee shop in town with a janky excuse of a notebook when you swagger in with an attractive Apple notebook. This thin, lightweight machine will send the signal that you’re hip and classy. This may not be the cream of the crop versus today’s technology, but for this price, it’s a steal.

If you don’t purchase soon, then they’re going to be out of stock. This happens with all of these sweet deals. Once this posts ages a couple weeks, prospective customers that didn’t get to read this awesome deal will have already missed out on this irresistable deal. An Apple iBook for under $400? Just a click away. (^^,)

the new theme: suds

I finally finished up the tweaks to the design of this site over the weekend and rolled it out tonight. This theme is named Suds and is a heavily modified version of the previous theme. I hope it’s as pleasing to your eyes as it is mine.

I’m finishing up everything I’ve planned lately one thing at a time and hope that my next project is completed soon. We’ll see.

Life has been perpetual, but as I’ve probably mentioned a dozen times before in other posts, I like it that way. Austin has finally seen a decent amount of rain these past few days, and hopefully it’ll start cooling off so I can function more. Good riddance to this summer.

Mare has returned with a free pizza, so we’ll probably watch another movie and enjoy the delicious pie. That’ll be pizza twice today, but that’s all good with me. Peace out.