the apple ibook for under $400

Apple is known for the sleek design of their products. The iBook is no exception. When you see an Apple notebook, you can tell it’s from Apple.

With Apple notebook computers being geared more toward the classy impression than the robust performance of their counterparts, they usually come with a hefty price tag based on the name alone.

For a very limited time, has a supply of refurbished Apple iBook G4 notebooks on sale for a penny less than $400 plus free shipping. These bad boys are loaded OS X 10.5, a gig of RAM, a 40GB hard drive, and everything else you need to have the perfect mobile companion such as Bluetooth and a wireless card.

Why stroll into the most popular coffee shop in town with a janky excuse of a notebook when you swagger in with an attractive Apple notebook. This thin, lightweight machine will send the signal that you’re hip and classy. This may not be the cream of the crop versus today’s technology, but for this price, it’s a steal.

If you don’t purchase soon, then they’re going to be out of stock. This happens with all of these sweet deals. Once this posts ages a couple weeks, prospective customers that didn’t get to read this awesome deal will have already missed out on this irresistable deal. An Apple iBook for under $400? Just a click away. (^^,)

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