the six-week body transformation by KettleWorX™

Following the Six-Week Body Transformation fitness program is easy and produces results. Working out with a kettlebell for only an hour a week and following this breakthrough program has changed the way I think about fitness. Each session gives me a whole body workout by incorporating cardio, core and resistance training. This is all done in one 20-minute workout three times a week.

Only a few weeks have gone by, and I’m already seeing and feeling a difference. Since each workout is only 20 minutes, finding time is easy. This fitness program includes a Kettlebell and a set of DVDs.

Three of the DVDs contain six workouts each and focus on a certain type of workout: Cardio, Core, and Resistance. Just dedicating three 20-minute sessions per week (one for each type of workout) will make you feel fitter, happier, and more productive.

I’m almost at that point where I’ll be adding some supplemental workouts included on two other discs. They’re quick workouts that can be incorporated into the six-week program or done by themselves.

I haven’t been going to the gym lately due to my busy schedule. Staying in shape was a challenge, but KettleWorx™ is the solution that I was seeking. The Six-Week Body Transformation is fast, effective, and enjoyable.
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the home + garden buying guide

Save yourself the headache of making a checklist to outfit your home and just check out Shopwiki’s comprehensive Home and Garden Buying Guide. Everything from the inside to the outside of your home can be found within the pages of this site.

Save time by cruising around Shopwiki to price out everything you’ll want and need for your home and absorb valuable information that will influence your purchasing decisions. Whether you’re shopping for furniture or everyday housewares, you can find everything you need at Shopwiki.

No other site has as much information about every little thing for your home or used in a garden as Shopwiki. You will probably learn something new on this site that will change the way you think about shopping forever.

the necessary component to complete your home theater setup

Anyone with an HDTV in their living room should be using the PC connection to add to the entertainment that a home theater provides. High-definition televisions can also function as super hi-res monitors with a powerful PC attached to supply all of the features that PCs bring to the modern experience.

This HP Pavilion Slimline desktop system will replace your DVD player, provide you with web-browsing capabilities from your HDTV, and give you the ability to burn CDs and DVDs so you can properly back up your digital media.

Desktop PCs have greatly reduced in price with the increasing desire for notebooks, but they still have their place in this electronic society. The slim profile of this HP Pavilion adds to its sleek design so it doesn’t take up any more space than any other device connected to an HDTV.

With its dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, small footprint, and irresistable sale price of a penny less than $330 with free shipping, this machine is a must-have to complete anyone’s home theater setup. If you can’t already surf the interweb, compose email, check your social networking profiles, tweet, or do whatever it is you like to do on a PC with your home theater setup, then you aren’t experiencing the full potential of that electronic investment filling that certain void in your life.

the 4gb mp3 player for only $20

I use a similar music-listening device  like this at the office every weekday. Very lightweight and portable, these MP3/WMA players are ideal for anyone seeking portability. The robust clip keeps the device from shifting around, and the easy-to-use controls make the listening experience that much better.

4GB of disk space provides a decent amount of storage for music files. The space can also be used for storing all sorts of files which adds to the usefulness in this device. Utilizing the fast transfer rate of USB 2.0, copying files is quick and easy. Simply charge this MP3/WMA player up with a USB port, and you’ll get up to five hours of listening time.

We live in the era where mobility is important with all of the electronic devices we travel around with. The discreet Visual Land V-Clip is great for taking on a jog or to the gym or just to clip on to jam out with in the office. On sale for only twenty bucks, it’s like getting an MP3 player for ten and a USB drive for the other ten.

Why spend $60 on a similar device because of its fancy appearance when you can get this one for a third of the price? This is all you’ll need to listen to your favorite audio files on the go.

the philips lcd tv for under $200

For anyone without much room for a big screen LCD TV can consider the Philips 19-inch 720p LCD TV. This LCD TV will fit perfectly on most desktops and can serve as a PC monitor. Two HDMI inputs provide digital clarity when an HDMI device such as a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3 is connected.

HD-ready LCD televisions can be used in many places where the tube TVs once were. Put one in the garage or the kitchen and enjoy TV anywhere in the house. This model may not be the latest and greatest, but for $160 plus free shipping, you can’t pass up a sale like this if you don’t already own an HDTV.

Once you experience high-definition, you can never return to the old ways of viewing television. The dynamic contrast provides rich black details, and the widescreen aspect ratio is perfect for viewing movies. Whether you’re looking for a CRT monitor replacement or a small TV set for a bedroom or home office, this Philips LCD TV would be ideal for enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Can you already imagine yourself relaxing on your bed with your wireless mouse and keyboard with remote in your hand? Yes, this is how it should be. Surfing the web in your pajamas takes the extra step of not requiring you to get out of bed, and that’s A-OK.

the asus eee netbook for around $200

Another Asus Eee PC netbook sale has surfaced from and you’ll probably be out of luck getting your hands on one if you don’t act quick. The Eee PC has gone through revisions that have made it one of the most popular netbooks on the market.

With the Intel Atom processor, battery life is more efficient while maintaining necessary speed to utilize today’s applications. These netbooks are ideal for web-browsing, word-processing, and other lightweight applications. The mobility is a must-have for people on the go. This mobile machine also has plenty of storage versus its predecessor. 160GB goes a long way when storing documents, music, video, and photos.

One of the necessary changes on the Eee PC is improved keyboard. Earlier versions were equipped with keyboards that were too small for many users, but this version has a better keyboard making typing much easier.

With 802.11n wireless capability, navigating the internet is as fast as being hard-wired. No need for plugging in, but if you must, an ethernet port is also available. If you’re in search for an ideal netbook, the Asus Eee PC has proven itself against the competition. The newer generations of this popular netbook have included all the necessary changes and additions that make it a leader in the mobile computing industry and a favorite among users.

the microsoft zune for about $80

If you aren’t listening to your music on a regular basis with an MP3 player, then you belong with the dinosaurs. Lose the Walkman. CD players are so passé. Cassette decks belong in landfills.

MP3 players are pocket-friendly and hold more songs than any other music devices. They’re very affordable as well. You can find a Microsoft Zune 4GB MP3 player on sale for about $80 on with free shipping.

If you’re still a fan of FM radio like myself, then you can still enjoy your favorite morning show with the FM tuner. This package also has noise-isolating premium headphones with an in-ear design.

The Zune just isn’t for music. Store pictures to show your friends and family. You can even watch video. Catch up on all those sitcoms you’ve fallen behind on watching with the video capability on this device.

Don’t bother with plugging in this device when you refresh your content with the latest in audio-visual entertainment. The Microsoft Zune can connect to your home wireless network to access your content.

Fellow Zune users can share content with each other. If you don’t have the hottest tracks or have something that someone needs to hear, then you can connect your Zune with another Zune and exchange content. Sharing has never been easier.

With the Zune FM transmitter, your Zune can be your primary music playback device in your vehicle if the sound system isn’t already outfitted with an auxiliary jack. Owning an MP3 player is the wave of today. If you live a life where music and video is constantly played, then you should have already invested in a portable device to play them wherever you go. Act fast. These will probably already be sold out by the time you read this.