the ketchup for your do(g)

Bud Light is currently running an advertising campaign for the football season that focuses on tailgating. Television and radio commercials can be heard across the country for clever inventions that enhance the tailgating experience.

One radio commercial in particular is extra amusing to me. Check out this Jimmy Football clip:

Tailgate CompanionBud Light Tailgate Approved
Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-10-02 with a Mambo Clamp.

“What’s missing from your tailgate party? (What?) Tail! Now with the Bud Light Tailgate Companion, your best friend (ruff!) can bring you everything you need for the party. Now when I want ketchup on my do(g), I just call my do(g). Thanks, do(g)! (ruff!) You’re welcome, football fan.”

The guy that calls his dog if he wants ketchup on his dog is so hip with the lingo that he doesn’t have to pronounce the ‘g’ in ‘dog.’ Baller.

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