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With the amount of consumption that humans do this planet, the effects will be detrimental to survival in the future. In order to preserve the delicate balance that keeps mankind and the rest of Earth’s creatures alive, we need to contribute by simply changing some of the ways we do things. Even though science is advancing to reduce pollution and discover useful alternative fuel methods, we still need to make permanent changes in our habits. If everyone participated just a little bit, then all of the effort would add up to make a huge impact. What can you do to make a difference?

Conserve energy. When you aren’t using a light, then turn it off. If an appliance or electronic device like a cell phone charger isn’t in use, then unplug it. If you need to have things plugged in even when you’re not using them, then invest in inexpensive power strips that you can just switch off when none of the devices are in use. Many electricity providers use coal and fossil fuels to create the power and the carbon dioxide emissions lead to climate change.

Drive less or drive wiser. Carpool. This will save tremendously on fuel consumption. If you need to drive, then drive when traffic isn’t so heavy if you can help it. The smell of traffic air isn’t pleasant and this affects the climate around you due to the poisonous exhaust that fills the air. Consider driving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Ride a bike if you’re not going far or even walk. Not only will that save fuel and prevent climate change, the exercise will make you healthier.

Consume less overall. This includes everything to eat. Buy your food from companies that care about the environment by reducing their packaging. Eat less fast food. Think of all the waste that results from that daily drive-thru meal you have for lunch. The wrappers, boxes, cups, and paper bags end up in the trash and require more energy to be recycled rather than not creating the garbage in the first place.

These are just a few things you can do to make a difference. If you consciously make decisions in how to reduce your consumption on a daily basis, then all of your effort will add up along with the millions that are making a difference. Making the environment cleaner means living healthier and happier. Preventing climate change will ensure that this planet will sustain for generations upon generations. Instead of dystopia becoming a reality, utopia can be the goal we achieve together.

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