the 4gb mp3 player for only $20

I use a similar music-listening deviceĀ  like this at the office every weekday. Very lightweight and portable, these MP3/WMA players are ideal for anyone seeking portability. The robust clip keeps the device from shifting around, and the easy-to-use controls make the listening experience that much better.

4GB of disk space provides a decent amount of storage for music files. The space can also be used for storing all sorts of files which adds to the usefulness in this device. Utilizing the fast transfer rate of USB 2.0, copying files is quick and easy. Simply charge this MP3/WMA player up with a USB port, and you’ll get up to five hours of listening time.

We live in the era where mobility is important with all of the electronic devices we travel around with. The discreet Visual Land V-Clip is great for taking on a jog or to the gym or just to clip on to jam out with in the office. On sale for only twenty bucks, it’s like getting an MP3 player for ten and a USB drive for the other ten.

Why spend $60 on a similar device because of its fancy appearance when you can get this one for a third of the price? This is all you’ll need to listen to your favorite audio files on the go.

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