the philips lcd tv for under $200

For anyone without much room for a big screen LCD TV can consider the Philips 19-inch 720p LCD TV. This LCD TV will fit perfectly on most desktops and can serve as a PC monitor. Two HDMI inputs provide digital clarity when an HDMI device such as a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3 is connected.

HD-ready LCD televisions can be used in many places where the tube TVs once were. Put one in the garage or the kitchen and enjoy TV anywhere in the house. This model may not be the latest and greatest, but for $160 plus free shipping, you can’t pass up a sale like this if you don’t already own an HDTV.

Once you experience high-definition, you can never return to the old ways of viewing television. The dynamic contrast provides rich black details, and the widescreen aspect ratio is perfect for viewing movies. Whether you’re looking for a CRT monitor replacement or a small TV set for a bedroom or home office, this Philips LCD TV would be ideal for enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Can you already imagine yourself relaxing on your bed with your wireless mouse and keyboard with remote in your hand? Yes, this is how it should be. Surfing the web in your pajamas takes the extra step of not requiring you to get out of bed, and that’s A-OK.

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5 thoughts on “the philips lcd tv for under $200”

  1. i just wish that LCD TVs would have more contrast and brighter colors like CRTs-~.

  2. LCD TV’s have very poor contrast ratio if we compare it with CRT televisions’.;

  3. despite the improvement in technology, CRT still beats LCD when it comes to contrast ratio`:’

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