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the six-week body transformation by KettleWorX™

Following the Six-Week Body Transformation fitness program is easy and produces results. Working out with a kettlebell for only an hour a week and following this breakthrough program has changed the way I think about fitness. Each session gives me a whole body workout by incorporating cardio, core and resistance training. This is all done in one 20-minute workout three times a week.

Only a few weeks have gone by, and I’m already seeing and feeling a difference. Since each workout is only 20 minutes, finding time is easy. This fitness program includes a Kettlebell and a set of DVDs.

Three of the DVDs contain six workouts each and focus on a certain type of workout: Cardio, Core, and Resistance. Just dedicating three 20-minute sessions per week (one for each type of workout) will make you feel fitter, happier, and more productive.

I’m almost at that point where I’ll be adding some supplemental workouts included on two other discs. They’re quick workouts that can be incorporated into the six-week program or done by themselves.

I haven’t been going to the gym lately due to my busy schedule. Staying in shape was a challenge, but KettleWorx™ is the solution that I was seeking. The Six-Week Body Transformation is fast, effective, and enjoyable.


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