the thomas kinkade holiday reflections christmas tree from collectibles today

This holiday keepsake makes the perfect gift for the collector in the family. The crystal christmas tree tree holds a limited edition handcrafted and hand-painted Masterpiece Edition sculpture within.

Playing familiar holiday tunes with the train rolling around the village brings the spirit of the season and warm greetings to the sculpture. The treetopper is silver plated and sparkles with 60 faux jewels that will make any room glow.

Created and produced to the highest quality and artistic standards of Hawthorne Village, this genuine Thomas Kinkade “Holiday Reflections” Christmas Tree includes a Certificate of Authenticity and is made to last for generations.

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the yorkshire pudding + parsnips

Click the Play button to hear my current favorite local radio ad:

19th Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot
Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-11-19 with a Mambo Clamp.


“Good morning, Austin! How’s everybody doing this morning?

At the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot, it doesn’t matter how you go.

I’m walking.

I’ll be running most of the way.

I’m running as hard as I can.

You’re gonna walk something off.




Yorkshire pudding.

Parsnips. (WTF?!?!)

It’s just a good thing to do.

Well, I like the community feel. I like the fact that it’s Caritas.

It just reminds me of Austin.

What else are you gonna do before you eat all weekend?

The 19th Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot is an Austin tradition: a 5 mile run, a 1 mile walk plus the Stepping Stone School Kids K kicking off at Waterloo Park Thanksgiving morning. All proceeds benefit Caritas of Austin helping fight poverty right here in our community. Register online at or stop in at any Thundercloud including the new South Congress location just south of St. Ed’s. Get a Turkey Trot combo special for just $4.89.

We’re gonna make it kind of a tradition.

The 19th Annual Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot. An Austin tradition. Make it yours. Sponsored by KVUE.”

the acer netbook for around $200

Netbooks are the perfect combination of mobility and adequate computing power for people on the go. They are also very affordable and can satisfy your light computing needs like browsing the web, email, tweeting, or word processing.

An Acer netbook is currently on sale online for less than $240 with free shipping. Equipped with an Intel Atom, the standard process in the best netbooks currently on the market, battery life is extended with this newer CPU design.

This compact notebook also sports a 160GB hard drive which is pretty decent for mobile computing. Store music, photos, video, and documents with more space to spare. With its built-in speakers and integrated digital microphone, Skype users talk online with their family and friends.

The size of the keys on the keyboard is acceptable unlike early netbooks which makes it as desirable to type on as standard notebooks and desktop keyboards alike. Weighing in at a mere 2.6 lb, toting this computer around is a cinch. This little machine has what you need if you’re always on the go but need access to a computer wherever you are.

The holidays are creeping up quick, so you might consider this the perfect gift for that busy loved one in your life. Act quick. When netbooks go on sale, they sell quick. By the time you read this, this particular netbook at this particular place online might already be sold out.

the austin stock photography + creative works of dan herron

Austin commercial still and video photographer Dan Herron launched a couple sites this year that display his incredible talents. If you’re searching for some excellent high-quality, royalty-free stock photography of Austin Texas, then click over to for some of the best photography of the city. Everything from the Austin skyline to notable landmarks fill his galleries and will give you the best impressions of Austin’s beauty and uniqueness.

Dan also runs Herron Creative Works, a marketing and advertising firm that provides ideas and solutions to clients seeking solutions and specializes in design, photography, and video production. Austin is saturated with creative minds, but Herron Creative Works is a breath of fresh air that separates itself from the rest. Rather than sift through the congestion of so-called creativity in this town, save time and effort by just contacting Dan and getting it right the first time.

Dan was a marcom manager for a company that downsized earlier this year and is currently looking for a steady gig. He has professional marketing and branding skills in PM, Web 2.0, graphic design, photography, and film editing.

the gold coins + bullion

If you are interested in preserving your wealth by adding to your existing portfolio, then investing in gold coins and bullion is a step in the right direction. Precious metals play an important role in an investor’s portfolio.

Gold has been considered valuable for thousands of years and still hold its place. The economic threats facing the world today have made gold more sought after than ever. Investing is not about possessing the gold itself but rather placing gold within an IRA or 401k rollover.

Whether you’re a leprechaun looking to build his pot of gold or just a everyday person looking out for the best interest for your family, investing in gold bullion is a solution that many individuals have done to maintain financial security.

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