the acer netbook for around $200

Netbooks are the perfect combination of mobility and adequate computing power for people on the go. They are also very affordable and can satisfy your light computing needs like browsing the web, email, tweeting, or word processing.

An Acer netbook is currently on sale online for less than $240 with free shipping. Equipped with an Intel Atom, the standard process in the best netbooks currently on the market, battery life is extended with this newer CPU design.

This compact notebook also sports a 160GB hard drive which is pretty decent for mobile computing. Store music, photos, video, and documents with more space to spare. With its built-in speakers and integrated digital microphone, Skype users talk online with their family and friends.

The size of the keys on the keyboard is acceptable unlike early netbooks which makes it as desirable to type on as standard notebooks and desktop keyboards alike. Weighing in at a mere 2.6 lb, toting this computer around is a cinch. This little machine has what you need if you’re always on the go but need access to a computer wherever you are.

The holidays are creeping up quick, so you might consider this the perfect gift for that busy loved one in your life. Act quick. When netbooks go on sale, they sell quick. By the time you read this, this particular netbook at this particular place online might already be sold out.

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