the perfekt holiday gift to accompany the new hdtv

‘Tis the season for capitalism and commerce to flourish where the gift of giving means running the plastic to show your loved ones that you care. High-definition televisions are the hottest gift items this year. With the next stage in the electronics (r)evolution here, new gadgets emerge that are must-haves to complete the big picture.

The Western Digital HD Media Player was made especially for the hi-def  videophile who loves downloading television shows and movies. Bundled with a ginormous 500GB external hard drive, hours of staring into LCD heaven with the imagery of everything you love in life are in the near future. You can also store digital photos and music on the hard drive to view through your media player.

Don’t worry about constructing an HTPC. A what? Exactly. Setting up and rigging this bundle to work like a DVR is a cinch and has the ability to eliminate your need to pay for cable. My only gripe is that it doesn’t have networking capabilities but that’s the supernerd in me being a critic. With both the HD media player and external hard drive bundled together on sale just in time for holiday shoppers to take advantage of the best deals around, finding the perfect gift to accompany that monstrosity of a TV you worship in your living room is in your mind and ready to solidify.

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