the perfect monitor replacement

Optimal picture and video quality is always desired when someone enjoys a movie or streams a sitcom over broadband. Whether it’s in your living room, in your bedroom, or your workstation, you should be enjoying the experience of high-definition. It’s almost 2010, and HD is the standard of this upcoming decade.

LCD televisions were a bit pricy only a couple years ago, but they have lowered in price immensely since then. You can find a Samsung 26-inch LCD TV on sale for as low as $320 with free shipping. The T260HD is a perfect replacement for that CRT monitor that burns your eyeballs and seems less than adequate these days.

Clear off desk space and give it up for a high-definition experience. Connect a 5.1 audio sound system to your computer setup and you’re ready to make your friends jealous. Samsung is one of the leaders in the electronics industry and makes some of the best HDTVs currently on the market.

With 1920 x 1200 resolution, HDMI/DVI/VGA inputs, a built-in DTV tuner, lower power consumption, and 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, these small fry is well worth its price. Position it near the kitchen to watch while you cook or enjoy dinner. Keep in the bedroom to play your favorite sleepytime movies. If you don’t already own an HDTV, then investing in this eye candy can be the start of a lasting relationship.

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