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the eco-friendly greener batteries

Many electronic devices such as remote controls, clocks, and portable pocket radios still require AA or AAA battery power. Most other devices have rechargeable batteries designed for them or built in. When a regular battery is used up, they are no longer useful and become trash. The discard ends up in landfills and contains materials […]

the terabytes for under $84 each

Disk storage keeps getting cheaper as technology continues to advance. As a data collector, this always keeps me interested. A 2TB SATA internal hard drive with a 32MB cache from Hitachi is currently on sale for $168 with free shipping. Hard drive space is well into the terabyte zone, and they’ll just keep getting bigger […]

the hybrid video recorder

I’ve been looking for a USB device or special video card that will allow me to watch and record antenna TV on my computer since the DTV transition. I found this one this weekend on sale. For a little more than forty bucks after the rebate, I can watch high definition digital TV on my […]

the amazing deal on a usb flash drive

Back in May 2008, I wrote about the Kingston DataTraveler 4GB USB 2.0 flash drive available for the great price of twenty bucks. About a year and half has gone by and these wonderful devices have surfaced again on sale for half that price! Yes, you can be a proud owner of one of these […]

the forward momentum

Wow. The weekend is almost already here again. We’re already nearing the middle of the first month of the new year. Time is not slowing down by any means.
Mondays thru Fridays from 7am to 3pm at my day job that pays the bills, I am a drone that completes the connection. I am a robot […]

the new hex-5 residents | (+_+):(+_+)

The Hex-5 aquarium was long overdue for a routine cleaning. Currently occupying the tank were two red wag platys and two balloon belly mollies. Once the water cleared after being vacuumed, a filter/water change, and a heavy scrubbing to remove algae, a couple new additions appeared flittering around.

Only two baby mollies have been discovered so […]

the elderberry lozenges vs the flu

Maintaining your health is important in keeping your mind and body in optimal condition. With the winter months in full swing, many of us may suffer from a cold or even the flu. Some of us may get a flu vaccine to prevent the disease from making our lives miserable. Others will turn to natural […]