the eco-friendly greener batteries

Many electronic devices such as remote controls, clocks, and portable pocket radios still require AA or AAA battery power. Most other devices have rechargeable batteries designed for them or built in. When a regular battery is used up, they are no longer useful and become trash. The discard ends up in landfills and contains materials that are harmful for the environment.

Reduce waste and do a little something for the environment by purchasing rechargeable batteries the next time you need to restock. You will get your money’s worth in the long run and keep unnecessary used batteries from creating more unnecessary trash.

Energizer is still going and going and going as one of the leaders in rechargeable batteries. With the Easy Charger, your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries only require a couple hours to recharge. This eco-friendly kit is on sale for only $13 and includes the Easy Charger with two AA and two AAA NiMH batteries. The charger has an auto shut-off function that prevents from overcharging and also has an indicator to communicate how far along until the recharge is completed.

The next time you need to change out the batteries in your wireless mouse or keyboard, remote control, clock, pocket radio, or any device that uses AA or AAA batteries, just order yourself one of these and also get a few extra green batteries for the rest of your battery-powered electronics. You’ll probably find yourself not having to buy any more batteries for quite a while. That means less cash spent and less impact on the environment with less used batteries out of landfills. That’s a win-win situation.

the terabytes for under $84 each

Disk storage keeps getting cheaper as technology continues to advance. As a data collector, this always keeps me interested. A 2TB SATA internal hard drive with a 32MB cache from Hitachi is currently on sale for $168 with free shipping. Hard drive space is well into the terabyte zone, and they’ll just keep getting bigger and faster.

The days of clearing off disk space to make room for new files is behind us. Cloud computing allows access to a near infinite macrocosm of disk space to individuals, companies, and enterprises. Storing gigantic files like Blu-ray ISO images is easy with cloud services. Using a cloud can be costly to the average user since it’s a monthly bill versus a one-time investment. This is one of the main reasons why hard drives are still desirable.

The speed of file transfer is important when moving multiple files at once. With the 32MB cache on this 2TB hard drive, the Deskstar can keep up with all the data flowing through the network to reside on this inexpensive chunk of space. One of the main advantages of a local hard drive over using a cloud service is less time is consumed moving the data since bandwidth speed can be an issue on a home user level.

You might be asking yourself how you will ever fill up two terabytes of disk space. Imagine clearing physical space in your home by turning your Blu-ray and DVD collection into digital files and streaming them over your network to watch movies and TV shows with XBMC. You’ll save time not having to load tangible discs into your player and can enjoy the comfort of your entertainment center without having to leave your couch. Blu-ray discs require tens of gigs, and they add up quick.

This is just one of the ways you can take advantage of a 2TB hard drive. Think of how many smaller files like digital photos and music files you can store on one of these.

the hybrid video recorder

I’ve been looking for a USB device or special video card that will allow me to watch and record antenna TV on my computer since the DTV transition. I found this one this weekend on sale. For a little more than forty bucks after the rebate, I can watch high definition digital TV on my computer.

I watch plenty of TV programming, but I don’t need cable or satellite to get the shows I watch regularly. Why should I spend hundreds of dollars a year on a TV service when all of the shows I keep up with can travel through my antenna, streamed on Hulu, or found amongst the torrent community?

This hybrid video recorder is packaged with a USB extension cable since its shape can obstruct a nearby USB port. It also comes with a portable digital antennae and software to run the adapter. The software allows you to turn your computer in a DVR-like device where you can set it to record your shows at certain times.

Instead of needing a television set to watch your shows, you can just plug this HDTV adapter into your computer. This brings a new layer to multi-tasking. You won’t have to turn your head to see the TV. If I had this device, then I would not have to miss America’s Game since I have class during that time now Mondays thru Thursdays. I can just schedule my notebook to record the show and watch it after class. So 2010!

the amazing deal on a usb flash drive

Back in May 2008, I wrote about the Kingston DataTraveler 4GB USB 2.0 flash drive available for the great price of twenty bucks. About a year and half has gone by and these wonderful devices have surfaced again on sale for half that price! Yes, you can be a proud owner of one of these reliable storage devices for only ten bucks.

I still use my Kingston 4GB flash drive as the primary storage source on one of my Ubuntu desktop PCs. These pocket-sized drives have the speed, disk space, and durability to run an operating system like a much pricier hard drive counterpart. This particular desktop runs 24/7 without any issues and has been running for months now since the cold weather returned.

If you’re a college student, then this is an essential school supply. Store all of your documents, photos, and more on this extremely portable drive. Save those CD-Rs and move around your data easily on a USB flash drive if the computers you’re working with are not connected on the same network. Doing this can save those unwanted burned discs from ending up in landfills and save you time with its fast transfer rate.

Kingston is a leader in all types of computer memory including flash drives, and I trust them and turn to them first with my computing needs. Consider doing the same and you won’t be disappointed.

the forward momentum

Wow. The weekend is almost already here again. We’re already nearing the middle of the first month of the new year. Time is not slowing down by any means.

Mondays thru Fridays from 7am to 3pm at my day job that pays the bills, I am a drone that completes the connection. I am a robot that sees a check every two weeks. My days are mostly the same. The routine is comforting. That is my work life.

I’m keeping in mind that one of my resolutions was to update this at least a couple times a week, and I’m going to do my best. Don’t let me let you down.

Mare also got her new Lenovo IdeaPad Y450, and it’s pretty sweet. She digs it and so do I. I have no plans in the near future for a new computer system of any sort. I’m content with the five I already use on a regular basis.

I picked up a copy of I, Robot on Blu-ray at Wally World yesterday for ten bucks. They also had Boondock Saints and 28 Days Later, but I went with the one that I like the most and would look spectacular in 1080p. This is why I always have to pass by the electronics section whenever I feel like saving money and living better. =P

Here’s a picture of one of the baby mollies that I took yesterday or the day before:

I haven’t been able to locate the other baby molly. Maybe it died.

Mare & I will be moving at the end of next month. We’re really excited and looking forward to it. I’m also going back to school once again for some necessary certification. I’m doing something that I should have done years ago. These next couple months will be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

American Idol is back. I’ll probably end up watching it like I did last season ’cause I’m a sucker. A new episode of Bones airs tonight. The news about Conan and Leno is interesting. I wonder how that’s going to pan out.

These days will fly by, and I look forward to them doing that. Everything is falling into place nicely, and I hope they continue to do so. Peace out.

the new hex-5 residents | (+_+):(+_+)

The Hex-5 aquarium was long overdue for a routine cleaning. Currently occupying the tank were two red wag platys and two balloon belly mollies. Once the water cleared after being vacuumed, a filter/water change, and a heavy scrubbing to remove algae, a couple new additions appeared flittering around.

Only two baby mollies have been discovered so far. We were worried that others may have been injured or vacuumed during the cleaning but hopefully not. We’ll see if these little guys make it to adulthood. They hang out in the rocks below and play dead but zip around otherwise. +2 in the Hex-5! =)

  1. Baby balloon belly molly chilling in the rocks below.
  2. Same molly, different angle.
  3. Baby molly (probably the same one) hanging out behind algae clinging on the glass on the right edge.
  4. Same molly, closer.

the elderberry lozenges vs the flu

Maintaining your health is important in keeping your mind and body in optimal condition. With the winter months in full swing, many of us may suffer from a cold or even the flu. Some of us may get a flu vaccine to prevent the disease from making our lives miserable. Others will turn to natural supplements to treat the symptoms and/or maintain a healthy immune system to fight off the illness.

I haven’t been ill at all this season (knock on wood). If or when I do, I will do my best to not fill myself up with manufactured pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that could have unwanted side effects. A box of Complete Health™ Respiratory Guard™ naturally flavored elderberry lozenges arrived in my mailbox a few days ago asking me to try it out. The active ingredient in the lozenges, V-Bloc™ proprietary elderberry extract,  contains bioflavonoids that supports respiratory health and work to support immune defense.

I don’t plan on getting a flu vaccine any time soon. I’m in decent health, don’t really encounter sick people, and wash my hands regularly. I’ve been munching on these lozenges since I’ve received them, and they seem to be effective. Taking two lozenges daily has given me the impression that I may make it through this cold and flu season unscathed.

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