the elderberry lozenges vs the flu

Maintaining your health is important in keeping your mind and body in optimal condition. With the winter months in full swing, many of us may suffer from a cold or even the flu. Some of us may get a flu vaccine to prevent the disease from making our lives miserable. Others will turn to natural supplements to treat the symptoms and/or maintain a healthy immune system to fight off the illness.

I haven’t been ill at all this season (knock on wood). If or when I do, I will do my best to not fill myself up with manufactured pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that could have unwanted side effects. A box of Complete Health™ Respiratory Guard™ naturally flavored elderberry lozenges arrived in my mailbox a few days ago asking me to try it out. The active ingredient in the lozenges, V-Bloc™ proprietary elderberry extract,  contains bioflavonoids that supports respiratory health and work to support immune defense.

I don’t plan on getting a flu vaccine any time soon. I’m in decent health, don’t really encounter sick people, and wash my hands regularly. I’ve been munching on these lozenges since I’ve received them, and they seem to be effective. Taking two lozenges daily has given me the impression that I may make it through this cold and flu season unscathed.

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